Droplr: an image is worth a thousand words...
Marcelo de Vasconcellos | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 14, 2019

Droplr: an image is worth a thousand words...

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Overall Satisfaction with Droplr

Droplr is a little nice app for screen capture that we use daily in our office. Since we tend to provide art for a lot of different projects (web design, printed media, game design and so on), one of the main difficulties was to discuss ongoing creations with the clients (most of them without any training in visual arts). Droplr provided us with a quick and easy way to share what we are doing, to ask for new info, to propose changes, and to share to the development teams what we really are envisioning.
  • It's a quick and easy way to capture a web page. Even easier than desktop apps like Snagit.
  • It provides tools for commenting on the image, making it easy to share your opinions about visual elements.
  • It automatically uploads the file and provides a shareable link. There is no need to save the image to hard disk and then insert in a mail message.
  • Despite not being its main feature, Droplr also allows to write and save text, be it code snippets or in Markdown format.
  • In general, the tools could support a bit more customization.
  • Droplr lacks a crop tool. The only way to adjust the limits of a captured image is making another capture of the page.
  • The pixelization tool (useful for blurring details in images), should support different modes of use. Depending on the size of the information below, it does not provide enough blur.
  • Droplr gave more agility to our creation workflow.
  • Sharing captures of ongoing projects to clients help to identify their preferences more clearly.
  • Internal tutorials and procedure documents are now much more visually detailed, resulting in fewer mistakes and calls to support.
Dropbox as a screen capture function, but is much more limited compared to Droplr. The process also tends to be slower than using Droplr.
Evernote allows to take and share screen captures. It provides a nice array of tools, perhaps even better than Droplr, but it is slower and requires an extra step for sharing the image.
Droplr is very useful in any kind of visual work, particularly if there are more people involved and they need to follow the creation process. It allows the team to be on the same page. It is also very useful when dealing with clients without design training since we can show visually what we intend to do. Teachers, instructors, and even technical support people can make good use of Droplr since it makes easier to share screencasts, to capture screens for tutorials and to solve clients' doubts.

Using Droplr

10 - Most of them are designers, working with web design, graphic design and game design. Two of them are managers and use Droplr to share their opinion about ongoing projects.
The app is really simple to install and use. We never had the need for support.
  • The whole team worked in a big project, sharing images of their creative processes with their peers.
  • We had reduced almost 70% of the time in phone calls with clients since we are able to show visually what our plans are.
  • We are creating visual tutorials for technical tasks, smoothing the institutional processes.
  • Some programmers are starting to use it for sharing code.
  • We intend to explore more the screencast function.
It solves a lot of everyday problems in our creative department and enhanced our workflow.