How the Edmodo LMS can expand your teaching horizon
September 23, 2015

How the Edmodo LMS can expand your teaching horizon

Brandon Rainbeau | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Edmodo

Edmodo is or was used by many different teachers in various departments across the two high schools I have worked at. Some teachers I found simply used Edmodo as a means to communicate with parents. I found that the vast majority of teachers used Edmodo as their class website, a place where they could upload their course content. A few teachers, myself included, used some of the more advanced Edmodo features, such as their polling, online testing, online assignment submitting/grading, and video sharing features.
  • Edmodo is an excellent communication tool. Its Facebook style of posts makes it a familiar environment for teachers to communicate what's happening in class with both students and parents.
  • Edmodo's ability to submit and grade assignments online is easy to use and very similar to some other popular LMS platforms. Assignment collection is straightforward and the digital grading tools are simple and effective.
  • Edmodo makes it extremely easy to get both students and parents into the the LMS system. Edmodo also has an easy to use subgrouping feature as well, allowing teachers to divide individual classrooms into smaller groups for particular assignments.
  • Edmodo's online testing feature is fairly easy to use. I have found this a useful feature for both informal and formal assessment of students.
  • Edmodo's polling feature is simple and effective. There are many uses for polling both in and out of the classroom.
  • Edmodo's messaging feature is a nice way to communicate between student and teacher or parent and teacher.
  • Edmodo's app (Android or iOS), although not as feature rich as the website, works well with many of the features already listed above.
  • Edmodo has a very nice Calendar feature, allowing the teacher to easily post important information and/or due dates of assignments.
  • Edmodo makes it easy to share folders, either with the public or with your classes.
  • Edmodo, like many other popular LMS platforms, integrates nicely with Google Drive.
  • Edmodo has a great many community forums. This really is an amazing feature of their LMS. It is so very easy to connect with other teachers and bounce ideas off of each other.
  • Although Edmodo has a nice online assessment feature, it lacks in critical areas. It is difficult to attach diagrams or charts to questions. This can be done, but they are displayed in a module which pops up in front of the question. This thus hides the questions when looking at the diagram, picture, etc.
  • Questions can be randomized in Edmodo when students take an assessment, which is a nice feature. Answer choices, however, cannot be randomized.
  • Edmodo could use a much better WYSIWYG editor. It can be difficult to incorporate equations or subscript for instance.
  • The analytical data offered in assessments is decent, but it would be good if the following was added: it would be good to see which answers where most commonly missed by students; it would be good if more class data was given, such as average, median, low scores.
  • Other LMS platforms do a much nicer job of incorporating these feature directly into the question.
  • You are unable to add attachments to Calendar postings. This would be a very useful feature.
  • Updates can get lost after a while, and are difficult to search for. Once you have a large numbers of postings, finding older postings, which very well could be assignments or assessments, can be tedious for both students and parents. Even with using the built in filter feature, this is certainly an area I could see improvement being made.
  • Although Edmodo has a nice Folder feature to store your materials as a teacher, it is painstaking to use once you have a large number of items in a folder. The drop and drag feature is slow, and doesn't always stick. There is no subfolder feature as well. So, although you can organize materials, other LMS platforms make it much easier to organize and share you materials with students, parents, and other colleagues.
  • Increased ability to communicate with all stakeholders (colleagues, students, and parents).
  • Great way to share resources.
  • Excellent tool to communicate and share ideas with other professionals worldwide.
  • Excellent tool to use as a basic class website.
Ease of use, a very familiar Facebook-like platform, and an incredible community make Edmodo an amazing LMS platform to use for educators. I find this to be probably the best LMS platform for teachers to start with. However, when you are looking to up-the-ante and want to additional features, other LMS platforms hand-down are more feature rich than Edmodo. These other LMS systems have much nicer WYSIWYG editors, much more feature rich assessment tools, an easier way to organize class materials, and nicer calendar features, to name a few.
I would say that Edmodo is very feature rich and a great website and communication tool for teachers to use. However, I would inquire as to whether someone looking at LMS platforms is looking for just those features or something more comprehensive. For all the positives I could say about Edmodo, I really don't believe it fills the role of a true LMS system. It has a very familiar interface (Facebook-like) and it is super easy to get started as a teacher, student, or parent. It allows for great communication and it is easy to share resources. However, if you wanted to develop a true online course, or even a blended course for that matter, other LMS platforms make this easier and have more developed tools than does Edmodo.