Great Meeting Tool, as Long as You Don't Want to Meet.
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October 02, 2019

Great Meeting Tool, as Long as You Don't Want to Meet.

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Overall Satisfaction with GlobalMeet Collaboration

We use GlobalMeet Collaboration to host live training and webinars. All departments at the national level use it for this purpose. In theory, it provides an opportunity for several people to be on a call at once while watching someone execute our system software on-screen.
  • GlobalMeet Collaboration is cheap.
  • The screen share recordings are always high quality and ready quickly in an easy to use format.
  • Customer support is very quick to declare a problem resolved.
  • Customer Support needs to actually resolve issues before declaring them resolved and ignoring them if they even acknowledge your request for support.
  • Multiple times customer support's solution has been to have over 100 people on a nationwide call disconnect from the call and log back in. This is neither practical nor acceptable in the middle of a call.
  • Screen share randomly stops sharing for no reason and there is no way to know this unless someone on the other end says something. Everything on the presenter's screen shows as the share is continuing.
  • With the most recent upgrade, several key pieces of functionality were removed so a new, non-user friendly interface could be added. No longer are presenters allowed to share documents via GlobalMeet. Also no longer are presenters allowed to poll the audience. These are key pieces of functionality that were available in the previous version and are available in just about all of the competition. When asked about it support said they would try to bring it back in a future release, but isn't the new design pretty.
  • I honestly feel that at times I spend more time troubleshooting GlobalMeet Collaboration for people on calls than I do actually leading the calls.
GlobalMeet technical support is a joke. On multiple occasions, we have been told to have the 100+ people on a nationwide call leave the call in the middle of a presentation so the meeting can be restarted. Technical support also regularly announces the problem resolved without offering a solution or resolving the issue. We have to have a second person on most of our calls just to handle support with GlobalMeet.
GlobalMeet Collaboration was here before I was, however, it is a total piece of junk. It was selected as our tool because it was cheap and their parent organization is a board company. Their upgrades remove features instead of adding them. They keep saying things are going to get better, but in reality, they only get worse and they are incredibly happy about that.
  • Lower total cost of collaboration and communication tools
  • Improve overall customer experience via communication tools
We definitely lowered the cost we spend directly on collaboration and communication tools. However, we greatly increased the cost in other areas, since now we must have two national employees on all calls. One to lead the actual call and one to troubleshoot the myriad of problems that arise from our users trying to use the software.
GlobalMeet Collaboration is well suited if you need a tool that claims to be a screenshare/collaboration tool and your company has no budget for one. It is less than appropriate for people who actually want a piece of software that allows screen share and collaboration.

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