Please read before your use Google Ads Review...If you want to lose money don't read.
February 01, 2021

Please read before your use Google Ads Review...If you want to lose money don't read.

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Overall Satisfaction with Google Ads (formerly AdWords)

We are using Google Ads for about last 6 years. We are not able to make any profit using google Ads even after consulting numerous Google ads employees and external consultant. There are many marketing companies, who charges around 10% of the whole budget, even we consulted those companies. These kind of marketing companies simply run your Google Ads campaign and at the end of day, they do this to make some money.

Before you appoint any consulting companies, Ask them some minimum assurance on the ROI. If you are spending x amount of money ask your marketing company to get return of at least 3x or 4x or some amount. Marketing agencies might say, need few months to show results, after few months, you will be with empty pockets and no results using Google Ads.

Google Ads is completely bogus scheme and it is a big fraud. I request you all to read this carefully and if possible please share it with others.
1. In display Ads, there are lots of fraud clicks happens. You cant get refund for the same. There is no easy to get refunds.
2. In Google search Ads, there is no option to block repeat means that, any competitor can keep on clicking your Ads.
3. Simply buy some AWS servers and keep rebooting the servers and click on your competitors...this is what told by one of the person involved in marketing.
4. Google comes up with too many features, too many changes within a year, It is NOT IMPROVEMENT TOWARDS THE SYSTEM. It is to confuse people with distraction. Just compare the Google Ads interface with today and whats there about 2 years ago, you will understand my point. The same way, Google confused SEO agencies for years.
5. Google Ad platform is a blackbox. - As a customer, you dont know what is happening inside the bidding. (who is bidding / how many other people bidding)
  • Google Ads is too good to take your money away, It is very easy to spend tons of money within hours, without any result.
  • Easy to setup a campaign and lose your money
  • There is no easy option to get refund of the fake/fraud clicks.
  • Google can block all bot clicks or competitor's click on Google search, but it will not, because it will lose revenue
  • Too fast, too many changes in features and too many experiments in Google Ads, simply to waste the money of customers.
  • It is definitely game played by Google without considering the results and return of investment by their customers. Google is simply interested in the money
  • Worst ROI for my business

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Do not go with the recommendation or suggestion provided by Google employees. They suggest a way to burn your money so that, they can make more revenues.
The usability is good, It is easy to use and anyone can setup the Ad platform.
  1. It is surely not useful for small and mid size companies
  2. If you are looking for good ROI, come up with other Ad platform, do not use Google
  3. DO NOT TRUST the marketing agency and insist on ROI
  4. Google Ads forces to get too many fake clicks from Mobile platform, even though I want to focus only on Desktop platform.
  5. DO not click on their recommendation or suggestion, It is a sure shot way to lose all your hard earned money.
  6. Their recommendation will only waste your money, without any results.