Curtis Campbell / HubSpot Review
April 16, 2014

Curtis Campbell / HubSpot Review

Curtis Campbell | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Hubspot is used in 2 basic, yet very important functions of our company. First, it serves a the central nervous system for the balance of our digital marketing efforts. We used it for blogs, news releases, social media announcements, CRM, email campaigns, and list segmentation. Second, we use it as a platform to reach our current customers with professional, actionable emails. Both efforts allow us to streamline our outbound marketing efforts.
  • List management - you can create an infinite number of lists, from as small as 1 person to as large as you want. That way you can tailor your messaging to each segment of your market with relevant, actionable content
  • Blogging - coming up with relevant content is hard enough. Have a proven engine like Hubspot that serves as the framework of our blog makes it easy to develop, publish, and distribute blogs. Also, the blog engine allows people to subscribe so that you simply need to worry about blogging on a regular basis.
  • Social Media Announcements - you can put "follow me" buttons on any page you want; making the sharing of information as easy as pie.
  • Email Campaigns - with pre-formed templates, you can create professional-grade emails in minutes. This combined with list management makes sure your content reaches the right people.
  • Keyword management. Hubspot does a great job of showing where your traffic is coming from. But, if Hubspot could integrate with Google AdWords, that would be amazing. Managing SEO from one location would save me a lot of time.
  • Lead announcements. As a marketing department of one, it would be great if Hubspot sent me a new email every time a new lead was created. While this function may already exist, I certainly haven't seen it.
  • Newsletter functionality. You should have a function to create newsletters to send out to nurtures/customers.
  • Faster lead conversion - our website lead to close ratio used to be 4 times what it is today. We now can close leads much faster because they have so much more information than they had before; thanks to Hubspot.
  • Better communication which leads to better customer services
  • Professional look and feel to all communications, Eloqua, Marketo, and Adobe Test & Target.

While the functionality in each is slightly different, Hubspot for us offered the most complete offering at a price that we could handle. We already have a business management system, so Hubspot is purely used for marketing. We naturally did not have a massive budget, and Hubspot fit perfect in that constraint.
Why fix what clearly isn't broken? It is a proven tool for us, and it is always getting better. We will use it for as long as I can see; so long as the price doesn't go up. Competing products can be 2-15x more expensive, and we are perfectly happy as it is now.
If you are going to use Hubspot, use it. If you don't use the tool, it won't do you any good. Use it to put up new landing pages. Use it to blog. Use it to manage your subscriptions. Use it for everything you can. It is a fabulous tool, so long as you use it and watch the metrics it provides. That way you can find out where you are lagging and where you are not.