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Updated June 16, 2015

Pretty Satisfied

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Overall Satisfaction with HubSpot

I am a member of a small team that manages HubSpot for a client. This is the first time that we have invested ourselves into any type of Inbound Marketing/Automation Campaign - and for our client, who wants to have "net new customers" and determine extremely qualified leads, who, in-essence raise their hands to have a rep contact them, HubSpot has been an excellent tool.
  • You can personalize the dashboard of analytics.
  • You can automate the series of next steps your customer will take; so, for instance, if they open two of three emails that you sent them and downloaded content you had on a lading page, perhaps you'd want them to skip the next email and jump to something more meaty down the funnel. Or, when you add new contacts, you have a set path for them to follow and aren't in the tool sending hundreds of emails every day.
  • I really like our Channel Consultant. While she is not the point-person when we have technical issues or questions, she offers a lot of insights on our campaign efforts and I really feel like she is a member of our team versus simply a consultant. She took the time to ask a lot of questions about our client, their goals, our goals, what is in-place already, the competition, who are the personas, etc.
  • Like any well-thought out campaign, it is time consuming. So, while HubSpot tries to make it easy with a video for just about everything and making checklists, it is quite overwhelming and frankly seems mountainous. And, while it is suggested that once you are up and running, it will only take 5 to 10 hours a week, I feel that is on the low-end.
  • Personally, I don't find value in the videos that are recorded conversations of a HubSpot employee and a few customers. The better and more helpful videos are the shorter ones that are to the point with a couple of takeaways and one of your HubSpotters talking to the camera.
  • I would like to have more abilities in analytics. There are a few people in my office and a few people on the client-side that test and open emails, visit pages, download content ... and, so my first change to analytics would be to be able to manipulate numbers within the lists more, in order to cut out my test audience while still having them in the same launch.
  • And, secondly, being able to segment which list leads come from in a quick snapshot would be extremely beneficial.
  • Thirdly - and we may be in the minority on this, but our client runs banner ads and feeds us those leads on the back-end to help subsidize their overall listing, in addition to the occasional new contact that a rep provides us on the back-end. I'd like to be able to see if qualified leads are continuously coming from one certain list (or rep) to be able to advise our client on where to spend additional time -- or if those leads from banner ads never pan out, be able to tell them to spend the time and money elsewhere.
  • While we are still newbies, it is exciting to see your first leads come in. I would need to double-check analytics, but in some cases, there is faster lead conversion.
  • Inbound Marketing and Automation has become a tool that we can now offer to other clients. Once you've learned the basics, it is applicable and universal to other campaigns. So, while you are probably looking for our ROI on the product with our current customer, I can tell you we will have ROI in the unexpected way of getting other clients to get ob-board!
We also evaluated Pardot, but due to a team members experience with HubSpot, we elected to take this path. We also did not have a good experience with the sales process for Pardot and couldn't get past that.
For our client, who wants to see well-qualified leads that are raising their hand for more information, HubSpot is a great fit. It also is terrific for garnering net-new leads that wouldn't have otherwise been in the system.

Using HubSpot

It is still really early to tell, but after the investment of time that has been made to create all those emails and landing pages, it would seem like a loss to not renew and lose your footing and placement in Google and the "after" traffic that comes in.

HubSpot Implementation