From my personal experience I chose virtual servers over bare metal servers
November 19, 2020

From my personal experience I chose virtual servers over bare metal servers

Jeffrey Lange | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers

I used it throughout everything I do for hosting. It addresses all my hosting problems for personal hosting and client hosting.
  • Adding on memory
  • Support
  • Potential of greater processing power
  • I have switched to virtual servers because of their quickness of resources
  • Reloading OS takes a long time
  • Pricing
  • Everything seems slower than a virtual server
  • At the beginning bare metal servers were very expensive cost
  • Not enough support to handle questions like load balancing to figure out alone so this prevented me from making more profit because servers would be down
I primarily used bare metal servers to run message boards at the time. I feel like the traffic was too much load for one server and the lack of load balancing made me fail a lot with my experience.
This is hard to even answer, after switching to virtual servers which the os can be provisioned instantly. I don't see how anyone would use bare metal servers at this current state of where hosting is at.
I am currently using all virtual servers and not Bare Metal Servers anymore. I do not see the advantage of paying more and encountering more issues with Bare Metal Servers. Virtual servers seem like a better situation for my use.
I would like to use more services but the problem is the lack of knowledge of the services. I think IBM should be more informative on their Youtube channel IBM Cloud so I can be educated more. Providing examples would be very fun to watch because there is so much to learn with all the services you offer but it's almost like you position everyone to just know about them. I need a spot to learn more about them and I personally use YouTube a lot for learning. But I do not think IBM is using it very well for me and other users to learn more.
I used Bare Metal Servers for several years but after using Virtual servers I am probably not going to return to Bare Metal based on the pricing comparison. Virtual servers seem faster in every aspect to do anything I do. Changing memory is instant. Changing processes is instant. I do not feel there are much advantages of bare metal servers after using virtual servers.

IBM Cloud Bare Metal Servers Feature Ratings

Service-level Agreement (SLA) uptime
Dynamic scaling
Not Rated
Elastic load balancing
Pre-configured templates
Not Rated
Monitoring tools
Not Rated
Pre-defined machine images
Not Rated
Operating system support
Security controls
Not Rated