iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Remains the Best Within Its Category
February 12, 2016

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Remains the Best Within Its Category

Marc LeVine | TrustRadius Reviewer
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iCIMS Recruit

Overall Satisfaction with iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

Frankly, we don't use all the functions/features of the software but it helps organize our recruitment efforts all in one platform.


  • Easy to review and rate incoming applications/resumes; especially since iCims upgraded their interface to reduce the number of clicks to accomplish this.
  • Easy to get our job postings out to social media via the iCIMS "advertise" feature.
  • Fairly easy to email past candidates to keep in touch and develop a talent source from a growing pool.
  • Easy to post our jobs.


  • More work is definitely needed on the main interface to help make it even more intuitive and reduce the number of steps involved in reviewing candidates and "accepting" or "rejecting" them.
  • More integration with social media. Our package was just upgraded, so this already may have been accomplished. We'll see.
  • Emailing select groups of past candidates is still a little awkward. Would love to be able to sort the candidates and create more specialized groups and touch points to email them and create stronger ties and talent source pools. Would love to be able to tailor and send out newsletters, blog posts and specialized job announcements to them. May be create and advertise special events (job fairs & open houses).
  • Would love to see a feature where candidates and others can recommend a friend seeking employment.
  • Would love to have the ability to create email contact lists for job referral sources at colleges, labor dept offices, vocational schools, employment help organizations and others to which we could create and push out our job posts, e-newsletters and event invites to them with a click.
  • Took too long to screen each resume and assign a status - too many clicks. Has been improving with recent changes.
  • Great organizational tool for recruiting effort. This has been HUGE for us.
  • Not happy with the forced buy that took us up nearly $300 per month in usage fee - in one step. CEO is not pleased and will scrutinize value of the system more and cause us to be on the lookout for better deals with competitors.
  • Customer service has been EXCELLENT.
Almost jumped ship when forced buy was revealed in late November. Fortunately for iCims, our research showed that iCims is the better of most competitors we reviewed.
iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software is best suited for mid-size companies due to its many useful features and benefits, ease of use and relative affordability.

iCIMS Feature Ratings

Job Requisition Management
Company Website Posting
Publish to Social Media
Job Search Site Posting
Customized Application Form
Resume Management
Duplicate Candidate Prevention
Candidate Search
Applicant Tracking
Task Creation and Delegation
Email Templates
User Permissions
Notifications and Alerts

Using iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

2 - Recruiting and Selection
We use iCims customer support team.
  • We have major ongoing recruiting needs and iCIMS is exactly what we need to help manage them.
  • Currently, I am the only recruiter here with a part time support person, so iCIMS makes my job a bit easier.
  • It seems to interface well with or current website.
  • Success story. We recently ran a Veterans Job Fair and invested a ton of time in reaching out to military and Veterans groups by phone, email and snail mail. We spent several thousand dollars on FaceBook and regional newspaper ads. The day before the event we only had 35 candidates registered to attend. We were very upset with that kind of response. That same day we invited 9000 candidates from our iCims applicant data base and several hundred attended the job fair to save the day!!!!
  • More effort to create, reach out to and maintain a talent source oool through iCIMS.
  • Hoping to bring in our referral sources and keep them better informed.
  • Hoping to bring in our employees and better involve them in the recruiting process and employee referral program.
Because of the recent price increase, we are mandated to remain on the lookout for evolving and improved similar platforms that may be more cost effective over time.

Evaluating iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
I was not yet at the company when iCims was purchased, but the purchase was based on features, usability, reviews and initial pricing of the basic package.

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite Implementation

Change management was minimal
  • Was not here during implementation and no one remembers.

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite Training

iCims has always been available and helpful with much live and online training offered.

Configuring iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

To be honest - unsure.
No, I do not. This is not my area of expertise.
Some - we have done small customizations to the interface - Minor changes relating to integration with our web page. I think that is all that was attempted to date.

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite Support

We have been very pleased with iCims' customer support to date.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
No - We feel we pay enough already to earn that level of support.
Yes - Yes it was!
There has never been a time when they have not.

Using iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

I don't use every function so I don't know what I don't know. Perhaps, the fact that I don't use every function is a veiled way of saying that it seems a bit overwhelming to master.
Like to use
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Job Posting
  • Candidate Review (not the grading system, though)
  • Posting jobs to social media
  • Rating/Grading each candidate still takes too long.
  • Emailing candidates in groups is not intuitive nor easy to figure out.

iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite Reliability

iCims is currently pretty good and the best TAS for us at our stage of growth - but further improvement and enhancements will only help make it even better.
There is always ample advance notice before the software goes down for maintenance and this is usually done at off-peak hours. As for system failures - I can't think of any that have effected us in over two years od use.
We can think of no dissatisfaction with our daily use of iCims, involving its response time to commands or incompatibility with any other software we presently use.

Integrating iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

Unsure of this.
  • None that I am aware of.
  • Things like Survey Monkey, Mail Chimp, Wisestep, etc. Looking to create more touch points with past candidates, referral sources and current employees through iCims
  • File import/export
???? Unsure
I am not an expert in this area. Difficult to offer such technical advice from a layman's point of view.

Relationship with iCIMS

Was not here at the time.
Our relationship with iCims and their staff has always been excellent!

Upgrading iCIMS Talent Acquisition Software Suite

  • Still to be seen when we upgrade in March 2016
Yes - This is scheduled for March -the forced upgrade.


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