The most flexible platform
Updated June 07, 2022

The most flexible platform

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As a start up, when INI was created we looked a lot for different platforms that allow us to manage and monitor all the activity in a global way. The flexibility of allows us to develop each area at the company in way that those users feel comfortable while using the platform. In the same way the Chiefs and administrators are able to monitor how the different areas are related and coworking and have a full view of the process each project is having.

Maybe the most relevant situations that are addressed through involve the automations that each user is able to deploy, because in that way everybody can define as they want to maybe a notification, or interactions with other team members or clients using shareable functionality of some boards or views.

The main department and the most important is administration, all the other departments work around administration. As the engineering part of the company, it is very important to be able to collaborate with my team mates, share documents and information through this platform allow us to have integrated all the information needed by project.
  • Flexibility, at INI Solutions each area has its own workspace, where the chiefs are able to deploy every board as they feel comfortable.
  • Automations, it so much time saver. It's easy to handle redundant emails, notifications, etc.
  • Shareable boards. As we work with partners, having the capacity of share important important information with them as if they were users too (guest users) is very valuable.
  • Roadmaps. As engineer having the possibility to define a roadmap and track it is awesome, you can do it for your team on a public board, or for your own on a private one.
  • The new version of the plattform is allowing us redesign the functionality and update our processes that have changed with the time
  • They are constantly improving and showing new functionality, but one of the thing you can consider are image or files attachment at email integrations or social media auto-posts.
  • Subitems manipulation. Maybe if you are not a regular user you won't understand this, but there is the possibility to have subitems on each item, they are quite new, and not all the integrations or automations can handle them as a normal Item.
  • The most important thing where can improve I think should be to add a multi companies capability.
  • Time saving.
  • Information integrator.
  • Money collection automated.
  • Full Project Tracking.
As I have already mentioned, it's very easy to use and to track all the resources and projects. The platform is very intuitive for every user. Anyway, as we design how the flow of information must be, we are constantly training our teammates in order to have a global usage of the platform.
I haven't used a lot the support, but I have asked for help at the integrations or applications integrated and developed for and must of the time, when looking for a certain functionality they mention not to be handled and maybe it's planned for future releases. Maybe because the application center is pretty new.
The platform has never had an interruption or hasn't beeen available while we have used it. The only time we had a kind of unavailability was when a PayPal payment doesn't seem to be registered in So I consider it very reliable. I think this is one of the most important things because we handle all the information of the projects through So if someday it wouldn't be available it would be a mess for us.

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I love, for us using it helped a lot while starting the company and now it stills working great for everybody at INI. I think the biggest differentiator is the flexibility. Because when you are not used to administration or CRM usage or ERP usage it can be difficult to track your businesses as you wish. In this way is perfect for people who are not necessarily trained on administration. At INI most of the Chiefs are engineers so it's wonderful for us to be able to handle issues as we wish to. Feature Ratings

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With the launch of the new version in INI we're redesigning the whole process in monday, this because looking to the new functionalities it seem better to implement almost every step of our day to day work, for example, when our sells team works with our partners there is a complete following to the quotes or proposals made, as every project is managed as an item we can search for any information saved at their info boxes, also there's a new functionality that allow us to send the information in the same Item via email, it also can track if the mail has been seen or not, this is really useful. this same item is moved through the other areas boards depending the moment of the process, for example when you need to generate an invoice the whole item is send to the corresponding area where they can see all the information saved in the Item.
As i mentioned earlier it's very convenient having the possibility of carrying all the information of a project on an item and move it through all the areas it's needed to. but also when it's not moving through boards, depending on where it is, and what needs to be done, you can detonate different automations and integrations to start new processes associated with a certain project The flexibility of the plattform allow you to be creative while implementing any project, also you can track, and save information unlimited! but maybe the most functional capability is that you can interact with any of your team mates through chats, updates, mentions, boards, collaborative documents (Monday documents is also a relative new functionality) and it saves a register of every movement. Not only collaborating with you team mates is possible, but also you can share information with external people through shareable views, AND maybe you will need these external people to collaborate with you on a board, and IT IS POSSIBLE! giving them access as guests what allow them to create their own user to collaborate, obviously limited in some things but that's exactly what you spect.