Think video interviewing is just a fad? Think again!... and think Modern Hire [formerly Montage].
March 09, 2018

Think video interviewing is just a fad? Think again!... and think Modern Hire [formerly Montage].

Brad Holliday, PHR, SHRM-CP, CBM, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Modern Hire

Caravan Health introduced the use of Modern Hire [formerly Montage] (video interview technology) enterprise-wide in 2017. As a rapidly-growing start-up in the population health management space, we routinely had several departments with multiple positions open at the same time... creating a bottleneck both within HR/Talent Acquisition in completing initial phone screens with prospective candidates who appeared to be meet minimum qualifications at least by the resume & application submitted, and then within the hiring departments as the managers struggled to continue to meet routine business needs while also finding the time during "regular business hours" to then follow-up on those candidates forwarded to them by Talent Acquisition. Turnaround time was an issue, and we started to see a drop-off with very strong and highly-qualified talent as great candidates would receive final offers from competitors or others sometimes weeks before we could get to the final interview stage of the process. Modern Hire [formerly Montage] has helped to streamline the entire process dramatically, allowing both HR/Talent Acquisition and hiring managers to leverage the use of both recorded, introductory video and live video interviews to cut our average time-to-fill by nearly half. At the same time, we are able to effectively interview more candidates while cutting recruiting travel costs.
  • Allows prospective candidates to prepare for and submit recorded responses to established interview questions when it is most-convenient for their schedule (without having to take time off fro their current job, skip lunch, etc.).
  • Modern Hire [formerly Montage] offers the ability to conduct both recorded and live video interviewing, allowing the flexibility to adopt whatever approach best fits the culture of the organization, the specific role, etc. We are finding that recorded interviews are terrific for initial or screening, and are great to then share with a hiring manager if there needs to be any calibration between s/he & HR/Talent Acquisition. The live interviews allow us to conduct interviews with candidates who may be applying from outside reasonable driving distance to the nearest Caravan Health office, while still providing an ability to observe important nonverbal cues of candidates.
  • Customer support is strong, even offering a "concierge service" which is basically like having an extension of our IT department on the line/logged-in with us to ensure there are no technical issues during the interview.
  • While we are a fan of the concierge service, there have been a time or two where we have scheduled for it but the Modern Hire [formerly Montage] partner didn't log-in/dial-in in a timely manner and we were left trying to address technical issues outside our comfort zone.
  • The Modern Hire [formerly Montage] platform is solid, without question. That said, there are pieces of the interface for both the prospective candidate and the hiring manager which could be made far-more intuitive than they exist today. We all know that in hard-to-fill roles across the nation today, there are more opportunities than there are great candidates with which to fill them... so we need to do all we possibly can to make the candidate experience as simple, quick and painless as possible.
  • It would be great if the Modern Hire [formerly Montage] platform could easily interface with our ATS.
  • Decreased time-to-fill
  • Decreased recruiting travel costs
  • Deeper slates of candidates we can process
Technology is similar, though Modern Hire [formerly Montage] is a bit more user-friendly. Also found the recordkeeping and release of same to be more attractive with Modern Hire [formerly Montage]. Both are competitively priced.
While video interviewing is still considered too "unconventional" by too many small business HR people I visit with, the ROI can easily be found within 4-6 months (if the company is having to fly more than 3 or 4 candidates in for interviews)... so I would argue that Modern Hire [formerly Montage] is well-suited for organizations of all sizes. For best success, though, I would make sure that any HR leader seeking to implement spend the time to educate your leadership team on how the technology works and why it is a worthwhile investment (especially underscoring the risk mitigation provided against alot of frivolous EEOC claims, as the interviews are recorded and the records are yours to keep... meaning you have Exhibit A to share should you ever receive a Charge Notice, which demonstrates exactly what was asked by the employer and how the candidate responded).