Simple, yet efficient
Updated June 14, 2019

Simple, yet efficient

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Nintex Workflow for Sharepoint

Overall Satisfaction with Nintex Platform

Nintex is being used across the lower 48 for our company to track our behavior-based safety performance. Slight adjustments have been made to the program/forms to make it more user-friendly, but the biggest issue that we have found is the mobile application does not work. I have contacted multiple groups with no successes. Even when logging into the server via computer, I receive many reports of persons entering BBS cards but for some reason, they do not show up in any report.
  • The mobile application, when working, is particularly good - for remote workers that are in the field to enter information in a timely manner.
  • The interface with our company's Spotfire dashboard for BBS reports is very easy to view and analyze.
  • Streamline the mobile application.
  • The times that I have contacted Nintex via phone or email, it was very difficult to find contact information.
  • Even in using a company's server or a database, I think it would be good to have a single point of contact or owner that a person using the system could contact for issues or suggestions.
  • Moving from a paper form, scan, review in the database, and then have to pull reports when needed through one or two people, too a completely digital system has saved 10's of thousands of dollars across every asset.
  • Due to various aspects of the system not working; having everyone in the system, not uploading every card, and the mobile application not working. The participation in our Behavior-Based Safety Program dropped drastically.

Induvial input with reports being pulled to share in large groups to direct attention on focus points of need.

Flexibility is key with the number of induvial users with various backgrounds, from persons with years of experience on computers to people turning a computer on for the first time.

Yes, most users have very little to no IT background.

Employees are entering data by logging on to company Spotfire dashboard or through the mobile application built for Conoco Phillips.

Nintex has been easier to use for being self instructed. Nintex has been simple enough that even with the lack of support a person can use it.
It is well suited for data sharing and gathering.

Nintex Process Platform Feature Ratings

Process designer
Business rules engine
SOA support
Form builder
Model execution
Standard reports
Custom reports

Using Nintex Platform

1600 - Production, Maintenance, engineering, office personal, and field personal
1 - with Nintex linking to a company owned share site, the local support is insuring data being entered, some computer background. Most of our support actually comes from Nintex
  • Track BBS participation
  • Provide easy to read reports of BBS participation and specific safety concerns identified from our BBS program
  • Dashboard and tracking tool for focus audits on field activities
  • Able to share data across multiple functions and across large areas of activity with one platform
  • Able to see and review data from Texas to Montana and every asset between in one spot
  • different data basis,, but right now the company is looking to go away from Nintex due to what I have been told is a lack of support and possible security issues

as stated earlier in another survey, I am not the person to renew Nintex, but from what I have been told, there is a lack of support from Nintex and there is a security risk due to the security systems that our company uses

Problems with the company wanting to own all systems it uses, so that we are not allowing outside systems to interface with our systems

Evaluating Nintex Platform and Competitors

Yes - JW Toups' Etracker system
  • Price

Cost often drives everything a company does

for JW Toups, we where being charged for every aspect, site use, changes, interface, documentation, ect

Nickle and dime with the feelings that for some reason they had use over a barrel as if we could not go anywhere else

I think we should have collected not just price but a better understanding from fenders on what they have done, what they can do, and not just what a vendor says they are able to do

look at proof not just sales pitch

Nintex Platform Implementation

test runs for key persons to insure the system is set up prior to rolling out

I think the platform is good, I think the roll out and the local implantations is where we are failing as a company in using Nintex

Change management was minimal - 

Rolled out with minimal focus and discussion

"We are going to start using this, but it's not completely set up, if you have issues let us know and we will try and get it fixed."

  • log on access / permission
  • individuals assigned to the correct groups / assets
  • persons being in the system
  • MObile application not working for all persons

Nintex Platform Support

it seems to take a very long time to get anything completed

Been using the platform now for two years and the system still does not work as purposed - not sure if this is a Nintex problem or an eternal company issue

Knowledgeable team
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Support doesn't seem to care
Slow Initial Response
NO I have never seen exceptional support, I have call to talk to someone and was on the phone for 1.5 hours trying to talk to the right person, just to be told that the issues are being worked

Using Nintex Platform

to enter data is easy and streamlined

the Mobile aspect is lacking

Relatively simple
Easy to use
Feel nervous using
  • for the must part once you get into the system it is very easy and streamlined to enter data
  • Nothing really difficult or cumbersome just all purposed systems don't work on a regular basis
  • not sure when or for who the Mobile ap is going to work
  • persons report data entered is not completely entered or uploaded later - not sure if this is an Nintex problem or user error
Yes - 

for two years I have been trying to get the Mobile interface to work for myself and many in our work group with limited success

Mobile interface only works for about 35% of our work force