The foundation and building blocks for meeting enterprises' custom use cases
February 03, 2021

The foundation and building blocks for meeting enterprises' custom use cases

Cameron Geasey | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Nuxeo

have worked on Nuxeo projects for enterprise digital asset management and media
asset management (for video production).
These have been large-scale deployments, in some cases involving
millions of assets and petabytes of data, in both a cloud-based and hybrid
model. We have deployed it to replace disparate and/or legacy systems, often in cases where all enterprise staff are potential end users and adoption is key.
  • Adaptability - Nuxeo is a well-supported platform that provides the foundation and building blocks to meet many different possible use cases
  • API-first
  • Nuxeo University provides solid e-learning paths for developers and administrators
  • Written documentation could be improved
  • The companies that I've worked with have used Nuxeo as a way to achieve greater centralization and efficiency in managing their digital assets, and they have met these goals through widespread user adoption.
  • The companies that I've worked with have greatly increase user participation in managing their media and other digital assets—rather than trained digital librarians being the only managers of assets in a legacy system, now asset users and contributors (editors, photographers, and other end users) from across the company participate in the management of the assets through their normal workflows.
support team understands the inner workings of the product very well. They also seem to communicate closely with the
product team and are able to consult with them behind the scenes when needed. In our experience, in addition to typical product support, they have also aimed to add new features to the product to help address customers' requests; however, niche or customer-specific features may be on the customer to develop and implement via customizations. The product roadmap is well communicated, and we have regular check-in meetings with Nuxeo's customer success specialists.

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Nuxeo provides a
WebUI that they are always improving based on customer feedback. The interface is designed with flexibility in
mind - this means that it must be customized to the business's use case before
it can achieve its maximum usability.

The Nuxeo Studio
interface provides developers and administrators the building blocks to achieve
much of this customization - they just need to put the building blocks together
in ways that best meet the end users' needs.
The API and SDKs allow for more advanced customization.

can be an ideal product for an enterprise that needs a highly-customizable
solution built on a well-supported underlying platform. It is not intended to be an out-of-the-box
solution; rather, it is a foundation for enterprises that want to be able to
adapt it to their specific use cases while still having the benefits of regular
updates and fast support.

Nuxeo Feature Ratings

Content capture & imaging
File sync, storage & archiving
Document management
Records management
Content search & retrieval
Enterprise content collaboration
Content publishing & creation
Security, risk management & information governance
Contract lifecycle management
Automated workflows
Artificial intelligence
Mobile support

Nuxeo Training

  • Online training
  • in-person training
I attended instructor-led trainings at a couple of points when I was first beginning to serve as project manager on Nuxeo projects. The first one that I attended was meant for business users and decision-makers. The second one was meant for system administrators. The first one provided a great introduction, through demos, of how Nuxeo could be adapted to very different business use cases. The second one, like many instructor-led trainings, was meant for users of a variety of skill levels, and so it could be a bit slow at times for students with a stronger technical background, but the instructor was able to include more advanced components as well.
Nuxeo University provides an ideal starting point for developers and system administrators who are new to the Nuxeo platform. So, in terms of online training for developers and administrators, the learning paths are definitely available.

In terms of training for end users: keep in mind that Nuxeo is a foundation with building blocks - what you do with those building blocks is up to you and depends on your business's specific use cases. For this reason, end-user training is largely up to you because it will need to depend on how you've built and configured the system. That said, I've seen the companies that I've worked with configure the system based largely on end-user input, and so it has fit very closely with what those users wanted to do and how they wanted to do it. In cases where elements of the UI weren't fitting quite right with what users naturally wanted to do, based on their process flows, we've often found it easy enough to adapt the UI to the users, rather than using training to adapt the users to the UI.

Configuring Nuxeo

Configuration is a key part of implementing Nuxeo. The platform is a foundation with building blocks. In addition to a developer/administrator interface for common configuration work, the system is API first and can integrate well with other systems.
Developers who are new to the product can access the Nuxeo University courses to get up-to-speed quickly. Most of the developers that we have working on Nuxeo came in as backend Java developers. They are able to easily handle front-end/UI tasks via Nuxeo Studio and also have the skills to do much deeper customizations for specific use cases.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - Nuxeo's WebUI is just a foundation. It is designed to be customized to meet specific use cases. Because this is the intent, the product comes with a lot of tools to make this customization easier. In some cases, we have also worked with Nuxeo's product team to recommend features or changes that could be useful to a wide range of customers.
Yes - we have added extensive custom code - Nuxeo is meant to adapt to a wide range of infrastructure and to integrate with a wide variety of other systems. For example, we made Nuxeo work with a client's long-term tape archiving system to handle archived binaries. We've also implemented the system with edge computing, particularly for handling large binaries in systems meant to service end users distributed across the world.