My vibe on Officevibe
Lauri Paxton | TrustRadius Reviewer
November 13, 2017

My vibe on Officevibe

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Overall Satisfaction with Officevibe

I use Officevibe to check in with my staff on how they feel about their work and the office as a whole - they can leave feedback anonymously so they can feel free to give feedback that they might feel uncomfortable giving face-to-face. Sometimes people don't want to speak up for fear of hurting feelings or fear of reprisals and this gives them a safe way to voice their concerns.
  • It asks specific questions that helps me to get a feel for how people feel about their job and the office as a whole and it does it in a quick and easy way - they can finish it in just a few minutes and move on with their day
  • It also asks open-ended questions if they want to add more detail or voice a concern over something, or give a suggestion or two. They have the option to have it be anonymous or have their name attached to it, so they can feel safe in whatever feedback they have to give.
  • You have the ability to use the random questionnaires generated by Officevibe, or if there is something in particular you want to know you can create a poll of your own. This is great when you want to know everyone's thoughts on a specific issue, you can create a multiple choice question to give them options to choose from, or you can simply ask an open-ended question about something and see how they respond.
  • The one thing that I wish I could change would be that I am also sent the same survey that the staff gets and my answers count. We're a very small office so I feel that my answers skew the results no matter how I answer the questions. And it also skews the results if I just don't answer them as well, so it would be nice if I could have the surveys not come to me.
  • The only other thing you would want to be careful of if you are an office as small as ours is that even though the feedback is truly anonymous as far as the software is concerned - if you only have a few people in your office you can sometimes tell who wrote the comment simply because you're familiar with the way each person speaks and writes, and the words and phrases that they use. You just simply have to be careful to take it at it's face value as if you didn't know who wrote it. This really isn't a weakness of Officevibe itself - it's just simply due to the fact that when you work so closely with just a few people you tend to learn peoples writing styles. If you're a bigger office it probably won't be an issue.
  • I used it to decide how best to allocate my resources for employee benefits and perks. I was able to find out which ones were truly important to them and which ones they didn't really care about so I knew which ones to spend my money on.
  • I've also been able to see whether I'm doing a good job as a manager and where I need to improve, whether it be in terms of management style, leadership, communication or even things like policy - I'm able to see what is working and what isn't and make adjustments accordingly.
While both of these products are geared towards office much larger than mine, Officevibe is priced by user so I was able to scale it down to fit us and is much more affordable than 15Five. They didn't have the ability to scale it down so the cost was very prohibitive for us. I can add users as we grow and remove them if necessary so it's always going to stay affordable.
  • Employee Surveys
I think Officevibe is great for any office where management truly cares about how happy their employees are and is interested in making their company a great place to work. It's a quick and easy way for staff to give you honest thoughts and opinions that you can act on to make improvements.

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