OneTrust will enhance the capabilities of your data protection specialists
August 30, 2021

OneTrust will enhance the capabilities of your data protection specialists

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Overall Satisfaction with OneTrust

OneTrust is used by multiple departments at my organization as a risk management platform. Certain departments cooperate in managing data risk; other departments use the platform capabilities as a risk management workbench for their portfolios. The business problems solved by the OneTrust are:
  1. to reduce the cost of maintaining and improving our data protection practices,
  2. act as the source of truth for the current state of our risk mitigation for various portfolios,
The key to your governance/risk management program is likely to be the expertise of your governance/risk management specialists. The OneTrust platform can and should be viewed as a means to enhance and amplify its capabilities.

  • Extremely powerful and flexible platform
  • Well thought out system design. It is logical and makes sense.
  • The company is very responsive to requests for help.
  • There are irritating inconsistencies in the user interface between the various modules
  • Reporting capabilities are limited
  • The platform does not reveal its secrets easily. You will be rewarded if you can allocate a team member to specialize on the platform.
  • Flexibility!
  • Accuracy!
  • Customization options
  • We are able to quantify the number of business and technical processes assisted by the governance specialists
  • The governance specialists that use the platform are more effective and efficient.
OneTrust was the chosen platform after an extensive evaluation process that commenced with RFPs (Request For Proposal) issued to about 30 companies with similar services.

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The OneTrust platform is well-suited to align various departments that have a shared responsibility; for example, if Data Privacy and Information Security are separate at your organization, the platform can be used to nudge these teams to collaborate, for example via a shared questionnaire.

The OneTrust platform is also useful to ensure a consistent level of review is performed if your organization follows a model of governance specialists (ex: InfoSec, Privacy, Data Protection teams) reviewing and advising technical and commercial teams on processing personal data. By using the platform capabilities you can standardize the review process, which produces a consistent experience for the technical and commercial teams requesting review and advice from the governance specialists.

OneTrust Training

  • Online training
  • no training
An implementation specialist worked with us remotely during our initial deployment. Due to the diverse geographic locations of my organization's participants, the implementation and training had to be done remotely (this was before COVID-driven remote work).

The implementation specialist was knowledgeable and helpful but to really get full benefit from the platform I encourage organizations to dedicate a specialist within your company to really study and learn the platform.

I personally find the platform easy to understand and work with but I come from a strong technical background. I encourage organizations to:
  1. Identify the roles of the various actors that will work with the OneTrust platform,
  2. Identify the tasks and skills they will need to perform those roles,
  3. Identify how your organization can best obtain and retain these skills,
  4. Review and discuss your "OneTrust training plan" with your Technical Account Manager, Implementation Specialist, or Account Manager.
IF YOU DO NOT COMMIT TO LEARNING THE ONETRUST PLATFORM you will be less likely to achieve your organizational goals from the platform.

OneTrust Support

We have raised over 100 cases over 40 months for multiple reasons, including but not limited to:
  1. problem resolution
  2. understand the platform better
  3. request an enhancement
In every case the response has been professional, prompt, helpful and appropriate. Only two cases were not resolved to my satisfaction, related to design decisions that I did not agree with. The Analysts assigned are prompt and well-trained; problems are solved QUICKLY!
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We relied on basic support for the first three years but recently upgraded to premium support, due to the expanded and more complex use of the platform by my organization.

We were completely satisfied with the service and responsiveness of the basic support.
Yes - The bug was understood and resolved in a timely manner. Part of the quick resolution lies on the part of the reporter; if you take the time to fully describe the bug, including steps to recreate the bug, it will be resolved quickly. If your bug report is vague it will take longer.
Recently we were proactively contacted by OneTrust advising us that a platform used to host certain websites implemented a technical change that would impact a handful of cookie notices we deployed on that web hosting platform via the OneTrust Cookie module. We were not aware of this platform change so the proactive contact by OneTrust (which included advice on how to adjust) gave us a head start to ensure our cookie banners still worked.

OneTrust Reliability

The platform has exceptional capabilities to customize the user interface, reports, and recorded information. In most cases, the customization can be compartmentalized so that if the customization performed for Department A is determined to not impact Department B, the customization can be hidden from Department B.

We have four different departments using the IT Risk Management module. Three departments share their work in what we call the 'shared data risk management zone'. Another department is using IT Risk Management for a bespoke portfolio risk management task, and the customization for this department is largely hidden from the other departments.
We have used a shared hosted tenant managed by OneTrust for over three years with only one instance of a lengthy (4+ hours) unexpected outage which happened years ago.
We selected a European hosting location based on our initial use case, however, our usage of the OneTrust platform has expanded globally to where the majority of users sit in the Americas or Asia-Pacific regions. There is a noticeable lag when navigating the platform for users located far away from the hosting location.

As a user, you can mitigate any sluggish response time by the aggressive use of multiple browser tabs. I commonly have one tab open on an Inventory detail screen, another tab on an Assessment window, and maybe another tab on a customized inventory list screen. If one tab is slow I hop to another tab and work on that tab while the first tab responds.