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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) is Oracles's infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platform which combines the utility of public cloud with the granular control, security, and predictability of on-premises infrastructure.

Apptio Cloudability
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Cloudability from Apptio, an IBM Company, is a cloud cost management and optimization tool that enables IT, finance, and business teams to optimize their costs and communicate the business value of the cloud.

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions is designed to make cloud adoption easier, allowing the user to optimize the value of existing on-premises infrastructure, while leveraging the same tools, technologies and skills in the cloud. Gain rapid scalability, deployment in 35+ global data centers…


Device42 is a comprehensive, agentless discovery system for Hybrid IT. Device42 can continuously discover, map, and optimize infrastructure and applications across data centers and cloud, in order to provide an accurate views of the IT ecosystem. Device42 intelligently groups discovered…

Zerto on IBM Cloud

Zerto on IBM Cloud protects, expands, and migrates existing VMware vSphere and other hypervisor workloads onto IBM Cloud, in order to provide a secure, flexible, and scalable disaster recovery solution. These single-tenant environments are deployed on IBM Cloud's data centers around…

VMware Cloud Director

VMware Cloud Director (formerly vCloud Director) is a cloud service-delivery platform used by cloud providers to operate and manage cloud-service businesses. The vendor states that by using VMware Cloud Director, cloud providers deliver secure, efficient, and elastic cloud resources…

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP

NetApp's Cloud Volumes ONTAP combines data control with enterprise-class storage features for various use cases, including file shares and block-level storage serving NAS and SAN protocols (NFS, SMB / CIFS, and iSCSI), Disaster Recovery (DR), Backup and Archive, DevOps, Databases…


Morpheus is a cloud application management and orchestration platform.


SkyKick headquartered in Seattle offers a total cloud migration solution, featuring cloud backup and cloud management features for control of customer access to cloud resources.

AvePoint Fly Migrator

SharePoint & Microsoft 365 Migration from AvePoint is a migration tool designed to open the pathway for digital transformation.


CSS Corp in Milpitas, California offers CloudPATH, the company's cloud migration platform and service supporting larger entities and enterprises in their migration of applications to a cloud based infrastructure.

BitTitan MigrationWiz

MigrationWiz, from BitTitan (an Idera company since the November 2021 acquisition) is a fully automated SaaS solution designed to enable IT to migrate email, files, and other workloads from a wide range of Source and Destination endpoints.

AvePoint DocAve

The DocAve Software Platform, from AvePoint, is a software that enables users to backup, manage, and migrate SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365, and file shares. The DocAve Software Platform provides central or delegated control over one, or multiple SharePoint environments.

AWS Snow Family

The AWS Snow Family is a collection of physical devices that help migrate large amounts of data into and out of the cloud without depending on networks. AWS Snowcone is the smallest member of the AWS Snow Family of edge computing and data transfer devices, presented as portable,…

Azure VMware Solution

Azure VMware Solution enables users to run VMware workloads natively on Azure. The user can move VMware-based workloads from the datacenter to Azure and integrate a VMware environment with Azure. This enables users to continue managing existing environments with the same VMware tools…

CAST Highlight

CAST headquartered in New York offers Highlight, an application portfolio management solution providing software component analysis , application security, application benchmarking, and technical due diligence.


Trilio is a provider of cloud-native data protection for Kubernetes, OpenStack and Red Hat Virtualization environments headquartered in Framingham. The company's TrilioVault technology is used by cloud infrastructure operators and developers for backup and recovery, migration and…

AWS SaaS Boost

AWS SaaS Boost is an open source reference environment that helps Independent Software Vendor (ISVs) accelerate their move to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). From small specialized software businesses to large global solution providers, AWS SaaS Boost aims to helps users accelerate…


Traditional Applications, Now in the CloudSkytap helps users get business-critical applications out of the data center and into the cloud. The user can run on-premises IBM Power and x86 workloads in their native format on Microsoft Azure or IBM Cloud. With Skytap, there is no need…


Kumaran Systems’ NxTran is a Mainframe Modernization tool that helps migrate legacy mainframe systems to newer technologies, and guarantee a smoother transition. Kumaran Systems boasts 3 decades of experience in driving successful enterprise transformations for its customers and…


Revive is an automated migration solution that converts legacy Domino applications to a cloud and mobile-ready modern enterprise web application. The Revive migration utilities handle the conversion of all application components, including the interface, data, code, users, and security.…

Qumulo Cloud Q

Cloud Q by Qumulo is designed to make simpler to manage petabytes of unstructured data in the cloud, enabling high-compute workloads to power the apps and intelligent data services. Users can migrate workloads from on-prem and across clouds without needing to refactor or rearchitect…

Rocket Cloud Connector

Rocket Cloud Connector, leveraging VTFM tape device emulation technology from Log-On Software, gives users the hybrid cloud storage capabilities to copy and move mainframe data to private or public cloud storage or on-prem storage appliances. According to Rocket Software, the solution…

Mugato SaaS

As cloud technologies prevail, companies need to decide how to take advantage of cloud potential. There are many factors to consider, and decisions are often made with limited information.For cloud transformation to be successful, it is important to truly understand existing digital…

Wipro Cloud Studio

Wipro’s Cloud Studio is presented as a one-stop marketplace that enables users to reimagine their move to Cloud. The vendor provide what they describe as a highly automated and industrialized approach that enables ‘lift and shift’, re-factor, re-platform, and deploys a Cloud native…

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Learn More About Cloud Migration Services

What are Cloud Migration Services?

Cloud Migration Services help organizations transfer data, applications, virtual machines, and other digital assets to the cloud from on-premise servers as well as other clouds. Cloud Migration Services do this by providing safe and secure channels for data to be effectively processed into or between a cloud computing environment. Cloud Migration Services can integrate with content managers, database managers, and other external software for a seamless transition.

Cloud Migration Services provide data management tools to ensure that data volumes of any size are transferred without compromising security or efficiency. Cloud Migration Services can upload data to multiple clouds at once to provide redundancy for archiving and disaster recovery purposes. Additionally, Cloud Migration Services provide continuous updating and automated syncing features to ensure up-to-date governance and compliance regulation for applications and software.

Cloud Migration Services are a specialized Migration Tool to assist with moving data and virtual assets to and from clouds. They do not handle the migration of physical assets, such as servers or computers. Additionally, transferring legacy data or documents may be better handled by Office Migration and Repair Utilities, as those tools are geared toward providing modernization services.

Cloud Migration Services Features

The most common Cloud Migration Services features are:

  • Consultation services
  • Training and adoption planning
  • Block- and object-level replication
  • Application testing and quality assurance tools
  • Dynamic framework and infrastructure support
  • Multi-cloud support and integration tools
  • Multi-user access and collaboration support
  • Continuous sync support
  • Rollblack and version history support
  • Automated root cause and anomaly detection
  • Automated data replication
  • Cloud architecture reporting
  • Audit tracking and data use reporting
  • Visualization tools
  • User access management
  • Scalable storage and pricing
  • End-to-end encryption
  • SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS deployment methods

Cloud Migration Services Comparison

When choosing the right Cloud Migration Service, consider the following:

Migration needs. Choosing the best Cloud Migration Services solution for you should start with determining what you need from the cloud. This will determine not only the features that you’ll need to use, but also the overall cost of the service. If you’re using the cloud for archiving and disaster recovery purposes, you may only need a more basic option. However, if you plan to use the cloud to host virtual machines, serverless architecture, or agile development tools, Dynatrace ensures applications and software are migrated efficiently, with features including post-migration testing support.

Industry. Related to your business’ individual migration needs, you’ll also want to consider which aspects of Cloud Migration Services solution will help you with the overall demands of your industry. This is especially true if you rely on the cloud for application, architecture, or software deployment, as server downtime, upload and download speed, and other considerations may impact the overall performance of your assets. Some vendors utilize artificial intelligence to dynamically monitor your data needs and optimize migration paths to minimize downtime and optimize transference speed.

Automated or serviced migration. Whether you want a product to autonomously handle migration for you, or if you want to manage the process yourself, there’s a range of options for users. Dynatrace offers a fully autonomous cloud migration service, complete with real-time visualizations of cloud resources, making cloud migration simpler for users who are uncomfortable with manually handling the process. Flexera One offers both automated and self-service migration tools, allowing users with more technical skill greater control over their assets. Finally, RiverMeadow offers a managed service to dynamically choose client-centric migration options, granting the benefit of specialist support without the need to be directly involved with the cloud migration process.

Pre- and post-migration support. Developing a successful cloud migration strategy extends beyond choosing a Cloud Migration Service from the outset. You’ll want to consider your options based on the type of support offered during the planning stages, as well as ongoing support after the initial migration. Accenture provides migration specialists teams to help develop personalized support plans, but it is one of the more costly options.

Cloud provider. Depending on who your provider is, you’ll want to make sure that your chosen Cloud Migration Services product can work with your cloud service. Generally speaking, products will work with AWS, Azure, and Google DataCloud without much problem. If you have a more specific provider, such as Oracle Cloud, you’ll want to consult the vendor to determine if they will integrate.

Pricing Information

Cloud Migration Services vendors create client-centric plans to meet their needs. Vendors should be contacted directly for quotes. Most vendors offer free trials or demos.

More Resources

The following resources will be helpful in determining useful aspects of cloud storage selection, such as hosting characteristics and pricing, before choosing a migration service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using cloud migration services?

Cloud migration services handle the cloud transference process, ensuring the safe and secure movement of assets off premises with minimal service or security disruption. Cloud migration services also offer syncing, replication, and use analysis features, granting more robust visibility tools and better disaster recovery options.

What do cloud migration services do?

Cloud migration services transfer data, applications, software, virtual machines, and other digital assets from on-premises storage to cloud storage, or between cloud service providers.

How much do cloud migration services cost?

Cloud Migration Services providers create custom pricing plans to meet the needs of their clients. Most vendors offer free trials or demos.