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Truecommerce EDI software is supported by a global commerce network that is used to connect with 160,000+ retailers. Headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, the TrueCommerce Trading Partner EDI Platform is designed to offer an end-to-end solution for EDI compliance and integration.…


Shoplazza provides a shopping cart SaaS that help businesses build, market and manage their online stores by providing product sourcing, marketing, ERP, payment and shipping support.

Solid Commerce

Solid Commerce is a cloud-based channel and marketplace selling solution that integrates with a number of marketplaces, along with the users ERP, warehouse management application, accounting system, etc. to provide integrated management of orders, inventory, and logistics, as well…

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Radial Omnichannel Technology

eBay Enterprise offers Retail Order Management (or the eBay Enterprise Exchange Platform) presents a complete inventory and order management solution for omnichannel retailers. Via module the module Payments, Tax & Fraud, it can be expanded to include a payment gateway with fraud…


ShopBase is an e-commerce platform that allows the user to set up stores and sell online. The platform enables users to sell products and services on a website, take secure payments, and manage inventory. The vendor states ShopBase stands apart from other platforms mainly due to…

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Shipwire, a CEVA Logistics company, is a logistics technology company with a network of global warehouses, offering technology and operational expertise to optimize order fulfillment, with the goal of helping customers thrive by providing 3PL services.

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Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale is an online wholesale marketplace from the small company of the same name.

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Transfix TMS
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Unbox ERP
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Inventory Source

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Learn More About Dropshipping Software

What is Dropshipping Software?

Dropshipping Software provides eCommerce merchants with the ability to sell products without the need to purchase, manage, or ship product inventory. These solutions give merchants the option to choose from a wide-ranging selection of millions of products fulfilled by thousands of suppliers. eCommerce merchants can then sell their product selections on their company websites or through retail platforms such as Amazon or eBay. The software supports product search and discovery, provides product research, and automates the importation of product listings across multiple channels. Primarily manufacturers and wholesalers offer dropshipping services.

The software automates order management and fulfillment, connecting buyers with suppliers for the purchase of products and delivery to the customer. Shipping information is captured from suppliers to allow customers to track their purchases. Some solutions offer supplier recommendations, and in the case of the availability of multiple suppliers for the same product, will help determine the best supplier to fulfill the order. This software tracks supplier inventory to avoid overselling and supports dynamic repricing. Products with machine learning and AI features offer intelligent pricing and help identify the most profitable products to list.

Dropshipping Software Features

Dropshipping Software includes many of the following features.

  • Support multiple dropshipper, marketplace, and eCommerce platform integrations
  • Product search
  • Product information, pricing, research, and reviews
  • Product listing importation and management
  • Supplier inventory tracking and synchronization
  • Supplier management and prioritization
  • Product and supplier databases
  • Order management and fulfillment
  • Automated, dynamic, rule-based repricing
  • Tax and shipping calculations
  • Order tracking and shipping information
  • Return management
  • Marketing tools
  • AI, analytics, sales, and profitability reporting

Government Contracting Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Dropshipping Software.

Scalability: Many solutions can scale their capacity and features to support businesses ranging in size from small start-ups to multinational corporations. This capability allows eCommerce businesses to expand and increase sales without significant constraints.

Ecommerce Platforms: Some vendors offer products tailored for specific eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce or Shopify.

Sales Channels: Some software is designed as a plugin that can be added to your new or existing eCommerce website, while others are omnichannel tools designed to support integrations with one or more large retail platforms such as Amazon, Etsy, or Walmart.

Geography: A few vendors support global dropshippers and product listings, others are limited to specific geographic regions such as the United States or the European Union.

Alternatives to Dropshipping:

  • Wholesale Marketplace Software: These eCommerce platforms (B2B Marketplaces) connect retailers with wholesalers and brands, enable the sourcing of merchandise, manage inventory, and allow retailers to list their own products.
  • Amazon FBA: If your business will be selling products through Amazon, Amazon offers FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) which offers dropshipping features while providing more branding opportunities for your company.
  • Storage and Shipping Service Providers: Other options include vendors that only provide storage, packing, and shipping services, allowing businesses to purchase, customize, and control the products they sell.

Pricing Information

Dropshipping pricing is driven by its features, the number of dropshipper and eCommerce platform integrations, and the number of product listings and orders. Pricing begins at around $12 a month and can exceed $1,500 a month. Large-scale enterprise eCommerce operations will need to obtain a vendor price quote. Free trials are available, and a few vendors offer free versions supporting a very limited number of products and orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does dropshipping differ from other types of eCommerce?

Dropshipping is different from other types of eCommerce because the merchants do not manage their own inventory. The dropshipping merchant will purchase items from a third-party supplier once they receive an order.

How do dropshipping merchants know which products are available for purchase?

Dropshipping software allows merchants to search for products and add them to their online store. Some dropshipping software vendors offer product research as an additional feature.

What are the benefits of using dropshipping software?

Dropshipping software allows merchants to maintain their online store. The software will track inventory, price markups, and shipments.

: How much does dropshipping software cost?

There are free subscription plans available for merchants who accept a small number of customer orders. The price of dropshipping software ranges from $12/month to over $500/month, depending on the number of orders.