Oracle Database 12c best database to use with other Oracle products
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October 26, 2018

Oracle Database 12c best database to use with other Oracle products

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Database 12c

Oracle Database 12c is currently being used by my department to support a virtual environment of VirtualBox. VirtualBox runs on Oracle servers, but the database where all the data for the Virtual Box environment including the specs, and configuration, and data is stored on Oracle servers but in the Oracle Database, for which we are currently using 12c. We were using an earlier version of Oracle Database, but we recently started the environment from scratch to make it a better experience over all.
  • It's quite stable, as it has been around for such a long time, and that too for obvious reason because it's good, and reliable.
  • It works well with many different products, and easy to integrate with new and upcoming products, along with old legacy products which definitely only work with Oracle.
  • Lots and lots of support and documentation for it, out in the world, easy to get help.
  • Not the best documentation. Like I said, there is tons and tons of documentation for it, so its only easy when you know what you are looking for. It's hard to browse through to get a simple solution.
  • Too expensive, and not affordable but all companies such as start ups, as licensing and support both are way too expensive.
  • Initial setup/config takes way too long. Even when you know what you're doing, it still takes multiple hours.
  • Oracle Database 12c has had some what of a positive ROI, as it has been decent to work with, in terms of not spending more than required time to set up, and manage.
The reason why my team and organization chose to go with Oracle Database 12c with it stacked up against IBM's DB2, or Microsoft's SQL server, as when using other Oracle products, it has been much easier in the past to work along side with other Oracle products, which by the way Oracle will fully support, but if you go with other databases, Oracle will not help all that much.
Oracle Database 12c is usually best suited to work with other Oracle products. No matter what Oracle product it may be, but it works quite well, as it can be integrated quite easily. There are lots of how-tos available for integrating with Oracle products, but outside of it, it isn't that easy, nor is there enough documentation. It is less appropriate in that case, as all products have a "preferred or suggested" database to use with it, and Oracle isn't the one for all products.