A Decade of great DNS service
Diane Martin | TrustRadius Reviewer
October 17, 2018

A Decade of great DNS service

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Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Dyn Managed DNS

We have 20+ domains that DYN does DNS for, and mainly for our 4 high volume properties. I have pingdom monitoring the DYN dns response on 3 of the properties and I think this year, and only once, for 30 seconds they had a little hiccup. I think that is in the 99.999% uptime range? We are 100% inside Amazon AWS cloud and we sometimes need to move properties between services (ec2--> Cloudfront,etc.) DYN has been good for me, helping me get DNS changes done rapidly and easily.
  • For DNS modifications they have multiple user interfaces, some are better for little changes, others ideal for bulk modifications
  • Outside of the Ddos of Oct, 2016 (took out 1/3rd of the net in North America?), I've had zero problems with Dyn.
  • Low overhead, no bother.
  • There is a feature I've read about (DNS "alias", separate from cnames) I had considered using, but did not actually need. It looks like DYN has some level of support for that,but I might have to read the online help to find out how.
  • I'm not sure where the problem is, but sometimes when using DNS based verification of ownership in Google search console, it fails. only 1/3rd of the time,but I think that is a Google thing.
  • Gets the DNS job done. Difficult for me to put that into the larger total business value perspective.
  • I think a bad DNS provider could put you out of business. DYN would be the opposite of that.
To decide on a DNS provider, I read reviews, but then ran tests with pingdom on 4 or 5. This was in 2012.
DYN was the fastest and most reliable of the providers I tested then.
Generally vendor independence is an important thing,but I've felt that most all DNS providers have that.
I've only had to use DYN support 2 or 3 times in almost a decade. They responded and came through rapidly.
The multi user interface thing, that's really good in my book.
Outside of one world changing incident, I think DYN has had zero problems in almost a decade providing our service.
It is also nice having the MFA going to my Google Voice number. Hackers can't get a SIM for that.
Dyn seems to be tops in reliability and speed. They have an email delivery service we have used in the past. It mainly worked, but it (like most all bulk email things, I've used) was a bit of a hassle. Email delivery can just be problematic that way.