Screenhero has become it's own verb. "Wanna SH?"
Isaiah Downing | TrustRadius Reviewer
April 24, 2017

Screenhero has become it's own verb. "Wanna SH?"

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Overall Satisfaction with Screenhero

It is used heavily in our engineering department, and used on a regular basis with other departments. Screenhero allows us to not only be able to screen share, but be able to pair the program without having to be in the same location. And because of the ease of use, it is actually used in the same office side by side at times that make it easier for both users to be able to work off the same screen and not have to be close in proximity.
  • Easy to establish a screen share with a user.
  • Easy to set up screen sharing with multiple users. Adding more than one user to the same screen share is pretty easy and great for code reviews.
  • The audio quality and screen sharing quality are solid.
  • There have been some periods of time where the multi-user screen share option is not available.
  • Recently there was a glitch where the app didn't end the call or establish the link well and it froze and kept calling the other user without them meaning to.
  • Wish there was a user search option. The scrolling can get tedious when there are a large number of users in your network to choose from.
  • Very positive impact. I work remotely and with there being two separate offices (one in CA and one in GA). The ability to work with someone else's screen is priceless.
  • There is a lag in response sometimes, but that is more to do with internet speed and connection than with the product.
  • There are times when the system doesn't seem to want to connect with another user, but usually a restart of the app solves that. My understanding is that often times it is the users are not on the same version of the app.
Chrome Remote Desktop is the only other one that allows for both users to interact, but it is not near as intuitive or have the ability to "just work". Slack does screen sharing now, but it seems to struggle with priority of bandwidth between audio and showing the screen. I know Slack owns Screenhero now, so my hope is that one day they will be seamlessly integrated and you won't need a separate application for the two.
I haven't used Skype in a long time and it doesn't have the grouping of people I need.
Highfive is great for conference calls and the ability to show a screen to a group of people, but the one on one with being able to work on each others screens isn't there.
Great for one on one troubleshooting. When I need to see a usability issue or a bug, but the person describing it isn't a developer or doesn't know the feature very well, having the ability to be able to just ask them to show their screen and walk me through what is going on is HUGE. It is also great for helping or being helped with specific development situations where someone else can "drive" in respect to writing an element in the code that you are not familiar with. Cuts down on the time of saying, "No, go to the upper left, now three items down, or line 5439 of this file". It isn't the solution for conference calls or situations where you don't want to share the ability to operate on your computer or theirs. Yes, you can change those settings, but usually, I just want to leave that alone.

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