Screenhero - Great for what it offers
August 01, 2017

Screenhero - Great for what it offers

Harrison Bond | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Screenhero

Screenhero was our go-to screen sharing service to connect with remote teammates revolving around product training, bug replication (especially with different browser behaviors - I'm looking at you Internet Explorer), and quick inter-team meetings. I primarily used it to connect with our engineering team to help demonstrate and replicate bugs I encountered while using our own product to help facilitate a speedier fix time.
  • EASY! A simply to use and understand UI cannot be understated. I needed no additional training and did not need to reference and support documentation to pick up and use Screenhero with my team. It's easy to add new folks to connect with, easy to call them, easy to end the call, and so forth. I would liken the UI to a more sleek Yahoo Instant Messenger (for those who remember that service!).
  • Painless. I rarely ever had connectivity issues or grainy audio/video quality. When I did occasionally encounter that (rough guess maybe 1 in 20), it usually cleared itself up after a few seconds. I think it's only ever "locked up" on me twice, meaning I had to disconnect and reconnect in order for the issue to be resolved. Overall, a painless experience.
  • Screenhero never felt very all-inclusive; it was only ever used by our team for screen sharing. Our team still needs an organized text communication platform (Slack), email (G suites), bug reporting, internal documentation reporting, and so on. We actually recently fully switched from using Screenhero to using Slack screen sharing services to reduce software friction.
  • There is a reason why services like Skype, GoToMeeting, and are more popular for screen sharing. They offer more integrations, higher functionality, enterprise services, links to invite callers from outside of your network, etc. Screenhero does one thing and really just does that one thing well. But, I do not believe it does that one thing well enough to cover the needs of a growing organization. We effectively hit a point as a company where Screenhero was not a longterm viable solution.
  • For a while, Screenhero solved issues with cross-country quick team communication. Emphasis on "quick." We already used other services like High-Five to host actual meetings, Screenhero served with all of our impromptu meetings and 1-on-1 communication. This had a positive impact on our team (but, as stated earlier, we use Slack screen sharing now to solve this problem).
We originally chose Screenhero for ease of use as a quick solution to inter-team communication for teams separated by physical distance (cross country and in different offices).

-Screenhero does not have a way to link up outside callers like and GoToMeeting have
-Screenhero is not a catalogued internal chat communication platform like Slack is

Screenhero is good at what it does, but is only one facet of a much larger solution.
Screenhero does screen sharing really well. But, that is all it does really well. There seems to me to be a struggle of business focus. Do you work like a sniper rifle and focus on doing one thing really well? Or do you work more like a bucket of water and splash across a large swath of services for your target audience and risk becoming a jack of all trades and a master of none? I appreciate that Screenhero's focus is to do screen sharing well.

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