NextGen ERP - Definitely worth it
Updated November 16, 2022

NextGen ERP - Definitely worth it

Benjamin Talin (本杰明-塔林) | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SIX ERP

We were looking for a long time for a suitable ERP that can deal well with international invoicing, billing, collaboration but could also be easily used and affordable for a startup. Then we found SIX and it was super easy, cost transparent and so easy to integrate that we even built part of the backend of our new plattform directly into the ERP so everything is now super connected, automated and saves us a lot of development, administration and more.
  • Very easy to use
  • Super fast
  • Affordable (great transparent pricing)
  • Super easy to expand and integrate other systems
  • Offers more modules and functionalities as many other ERPs
  • We would love to see automatic integration with taxes ... but also many others don't have this
  • SIX saved a significant cost for Backend
  • We could cancel other subscriptions in order to streamline
  • Till now the ROI Break-Even was achieved already after 4 Months
We screened over 20 different solutions from local and international ERP providers. Especially the costs to scale, the easy integration and the vast functionalities were unbeatable at the price it offers. Another big plus-point was the nice interface and that it really works fast and frictionless. Some of the other systems were really slow and tedious to handle. So our team was quite happy with how easy SIX was to use.

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It was one of the best ERP interfaces we have seen so far. Fast, easy, love the shortcuts, and also web-first, with not much resource usage. So highly reccomended to make a demo there and just see it for yourself. We also love the custom dashboards, quick shortcuts in many areas and pages and that it was fast to onboard our employees and all of our volunteers quickly. (more work, less explaining)
The founder Dr. Andreas Maier was super helpful and tried to really help us as a start-up to get up and running fast as well as implementing our new platform with the ERP. Great work of him and his team! Especially the many updates every months are also a great plus; fascinating how much is being integrated - just like Marketing Automation.
I can really encourage every start-up that is a little further to explore SIX ERP. With the pricing it might be also the best solution on the market right now for SMEs (we did extensive comparisons and SIX was by far superior to other choices, paid and open-source). But also considering the vast modules and the extensive features with warehousing, project management etc. it is great for large corporations as only those can really make use of the extensive features. I guess also bigger corporations will love how easy it is to integrate systems, which could save a lot of money. Especially in comparison to Microsoft, Oracle or SAP the integration costs what I have seen as a consultant are ridiculously high in comparison of the SIX costs. So highly reccomended for every business owner to at least have SIX on the short list and check it out. We love it!

SIX ERP Feature Ratings

Inventory tracking
Automatic reordering
Location management
Order entry
Cost of goods sold
Order Orchestration
Standard reports
Custom reports
Not Rated
Budgeting and Forecasting
Project Costing
Cost Capture
Capital Project Management
Customer Contract Compliance
Project Revenue Recognition
Project Planning and Scheduling
Task Insight for Project Managers
Project Mobile Functionality
Contract Authoring
Contract Repository
Not Rated


6 - Business, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Project Management, IT staff, and more. Our volunteers also use the system if we make events or plan other projects for #bethechange or MoreThanDigital Insights. We even think about setting up a second ERP when we are splitting the projects because it gives a better workflow and we look forward for the feature to connect these two together.
1 - Pretty much it is just me who is the most "power user", but we also have good contact with the vendor and the founder, and till now, they were really supportive in getting everyone on board. A huge plus is that the system is quite easy to use, so there is not a lot of support needed, and even volunteers which are using the system for some weeks don't need support or training as they find it intuitive to work with.
  • Sales
  • Backend incl. Automation of Invoices for the new Platform
  • Business Development
  • Finances & Accounting
  • Dashboard
  • Central Data Management
  • We fully integrated the new platform to automate literally everything from user accounts to invoicing and follow-ups.
  • We love that now even forms, marketing automation, and many more things are possible. No other ERP has had this so far, and it works really well without needing external services like Hubspot etc.
  • We will integrate it with our other projects and connect more platforms.
  • We will plan on expanding, as there is no extra fees we also use it more often and use it with more users, external people etc. as we don't have to fear for extra costs.
We don't just want to renew it, we are just in the process of evaluating a second license for the new platform MoreThanDigital Insights. So we will definitely stay with SIX ERP and we are looking forward to also seeing the evolution of the system plus grow ourselves with the system as it has unlimited users.

Evaluating SIX ERP and Competitors

Yes - We replaced several different systems from Hubspot, Swiss Accounting System, WordPress Forms, and Excel. A big plus was also the project management module which gave us a lot of freedom to work with partners, our projects, or even with some of our volunteers.
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Other
For us the pricing, scalability (literally unlimited users) and especially the possible integration with our platform were driving factor. Many competitors we had on the shortlist were MUCH more expensive to maintain (3-50 times) and way more expensive to implement with our platform (2-5 times). Also the whole team loved the interface, the ease of use, and the functionalities it had. You feel that the system is "state-of-the-art" and not just some legacy system like SAGE, SAP etc. which feels a little old and clumsy (and slow).
We would definitely don't waste so much time on going for the "big names" as they were clearly a disappointment and also so expensive that we could have safed us the time. What we also hated was the intransparent pricing of most ERP solutions and this is where SIX was really standing out. One price and no "Reach out to us for pricing".
And another learning ... most "best erp" articles are pretty much useless.