Laboratory Information Management Systems

Laboratory Information Management Systems Overview

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) Overview

What are Laboratory Information Management Systems?

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS), also called Laboratory Information Systems (LIS), are software products designed to help labs keep track of their equipment, samples, and test results, manage their workflows/protocols, create compliance reports, and analyze findings. While hospitals, clinics, and research labs all use LIMSs, depending on the type of lab different equipment integrations, workflow tools, etc. are required, so many of the products in this category are specialized.

Laboratory Information Management Products

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LabVantage Solutions headquartered in New Jersey offers their flagship laboratory information management system (LIMS): LabVantage. The platform emphasizes flexibility, and supports research and development labs, quality control, biopharmaceutical, and other labs with operational support and workflo…
Thermo Fisher SampleManager LIMS
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Thermo Fisher Scientific supports laboratory research with supplies and equipment but also software; the Thermo Fisher SampleManager LIMS is a widely used laboratory information management system dedicated to data and resource management, as well as automation and operational support.
LabWare LIMS
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LabWare LIMS from the company of the same name in Delaware is offered as an enterprise class laboratory information management system, touting feature breadth and its all-encompassing functionality.
Orchard Harvest LIMS
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Orchard Software in Indiana offers Orchard Harvest LIMS, a laboratory information management system dedicated to providing operational support and streamlining with rules-based decisioning, data analytics and business intelligence, and clear interfaces.
ClinLab LIS
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ClinLab, a Rennova Health company, offers ClinLab LIS, a laboratory information system supporting physician's office labs, private reference labs, and student health centers.
Thermo Fisher Watson LIMS
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Thermo Fisher Scientific offers Watson LIMS, a laboratory information management system designed to support bioanalytic studies and research.
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SCC Soft Computer headquartered in Clearwater offers SoftLab, their Laboratory Information Management (LIMS) offering , emphasizing multi-site data coordination and centralization, and workflow automation, with a rules-based system.
WindoPath LIS
WindoPath LIS is an Anatomic Pathology and Clinical Pathology information system from Psyche Systems.
MicroPath is an LIS for microbiology departments and labs, from Psyche Systems. It includes: Automatic culture set up and media label printingAdvanced infection control reportingBatch result entry for fast update and finalization of resultsQuality assurance monitoringPaperless culture processingInte…
NucleoLIS is a laboratory information system for molecular and genetic labs, including DNA Sequencing, PCR, FISH, Karotyping, Immunology, and Pharmacogenomics, from Psyche Systems.
WPTox is an LIS for toxicology labs, from Psyche Systems. It includes features and workflows specific to drug testing and pain management testing.
Sunquest LIS
Sunquest Information Systems headquartered in Tuscon offers Sunquest LIS, a laboratory information management system clinical labs, emphasizing biology specific features like specimen management and tracking, microbiology testing support, and other related features.
Abbott offers STARLIMS, a laboratory information management system for biological and clinical laboratories, and other labs, emphasizing product lifecycle management.
RURO in Maryland offers LimitLIS, a laboratory information management system focusing on diagnostic workflow automation and management, with data and document accessibility and attention to privacy law (e.g. HIPAA).
Freezerworks is a laboratory information system (LIS) dedicated to sample management, from Dataworks Development in Mountlake Terrace, Washington.
ChemWare in Raleigh offers and supports HORIZON LIMS, a laboratory information management system, emphasizing flexibility, data integrity and analysis, and reporting features that are privacy law compliant.
Lab Management System (LMS)
Australian company Computer Frameworks in Sydney offers their Lab Management System (LMS) to support lab and clinic personnel with needed patient records and other reports and data.
Sysmex Total Laboratory Automation
Global company Sysmex Corporation supplies and supports medical devices, but they also offer Total Laboratory Automation; a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that, as the name might suggest, focuses on automation laboratory and clinical workflows.
ApolloLIMS is a configurable laboratory information system from Common Cents Systems in Nashville, offering at core specimen processing and reporting, and extensible through numerous modules.
ATL Sample Master
Accelerated Technology Laboratories offers Sample Master, a Windows-based sample management application for clinical labs, focusing on productivity and robust reporting. Sample Master Pro is the enterprise edition for larger entities.
XIFIN in San Diego offers their flagship laboratory information system XIFIN LIS Anywhere emphasizing data exchange and operational efficiency.
AutoLIMS is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) for hospitals and commercial labs emphasizing flexibility and automation of workflow, as well as compliant data access and sharing.
BlazeLIMS is a laboratory information management system offered to any laboratory as a replacement for document production and management and workflow automation, from Blaze Systems in Delaware.
Clarity LIMS Gold
Clarity LIMS Gold is a workflow automated oriented laboratory information management system for research and clinical labs, featuring role specific interfaces, sample tracking, and other features. The system is offered by GenoLogics Life Sciences.
CloudLIMS offers CloudLIMS Lite, a life sciences research-oriented laboratory information management system featuring sample and subject tracking, and other features related to study management.