Smartsheet is a Smart Choice
April 04, 2014

Smartsheet is a Smart Choice

Laura Stratford | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Performics
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We used Smartsheet to document projects that were due on a recurring basis and to track their completion and delivery. We also directly uploaded due projects to Smartsheet and used its discussion function to clarify questions about deliverables prior to delivery. We had multiple sheets for multiple lines of business inside a large national account.
  • Ability to attach multiple files on a row-by-row basis instead of one file per sheet
  • Ability to share sheets with relevant parties, which cuts down on email "noise"
  • Ability to set alerts to be notified when a particular change (i.e. delivery) is made
  • Check boxes to indicate completion
  • Easy to make several connected but distinct sheets for different lines of business
  • The notifications field was more challenging to set up than it needs to be
  • Drop-down versus open-ended edit capability could be confusing
  • The sheets you can view at one time shuffle and it can be annoying to toggle back to the one you next want to edit
  • Better communication between execution and conceptual teams
  • One consistent place to find conversations regarding a project (rather than a string of emails)
  • Easier delivery of needed files
I really like that Smartsheet can have a multi-case format--that you don't need individual "cases" or tickets for each project but can see them in aggregate while still being able to have discussions and to deliver and check off files. Also, Smartsheet is much easier to set up alerts in and is much more intuitive than Salesforce. Finally, it's nice to be flexible in what you can enter into each field instead of always being limited to a few pre-set options.
My hands are tied to a certain degree because my company has contracted with Salesforce, but for other projects or my outside business ventures I would be happy to use Smartsheet. I think it's an easy, efficient, and effective way to collaborate when you can't always be in the same place as your collaborators.
I think that any project requiring a complex spreadsheet capability, with the ability to create viewing and editing permission levels and the capability to receive alerts when particular edits are made, and that require multiple files be uploaded to a single sheet would work particularly well. It can certainly be useful for smaller or less complex projects and that is where Smartsheet shines.