Catch the hog before it sucks up all your resources! SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer is the answer.
November 04, 2019

Catch the hog before it sucks up all your resources! SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer is the answer.

Jennifer Aguilar | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer

My business has a very defined focus and the critical infrastructure that is monitored by the SolarWinds suite. I utilize Netflow Traffic Analyzer to monitor performance of my environment and to spot anomalies within the traffic flows. The tool has pushed out phenomenal data for security analysis and overall troubleshooting. I like having NetFlow to complement the suite of tools I use to protect and defend my environment. I can't put a price on the tool; pretty much like having another FTE on the payroll, you just need to renew the maintenance! I guess that means that it is cheaper than another FTE, and it does not talk back!
  • It is very easy to set up the endpoints for Netflow; SolarWinds can take flow data from any configurable network device. I use a sFlow configuration on Brocade and NetFlow configuration on Cisco; both sources dump and report just fine into SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer.
  • I absolutely love the traffic analytics that are produced; the graphs are very important when talking to management, as pictures seem to tell a thousand words.
  • SolarWinds Netflow does a great job collecting and reporting about my what network bandwidth is being used for and by whom. I had no idea that I moved as much data around until I started gathering Netflow data.
  • Once you have a baseline picture of data and data movers, you can start picking up on antimonies in your live environment. Applications causing congestion are generally the culprits.
  • I am having a difficult time coming up with any specific recommendations to make SolarWinds Netflow better. I love the fact that the community of users from SolarWinds drives product development. I am a member of the Solarwinds THWACK community and have found so many useful resources and templates. The users drive the success of the product… what a concept!
  • SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer has saved me more than once in my career. I am so pleased to be able to drill down into the details of the traffic flows. Bad actors in the network tend to stand out in the traffic capture graphs.
  • SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer has allowed my team to plan for the future; you get a great view of how much data you push in an hour, a day, a week, or a month. We have a very focused service to the community that needs to be up all the time and perform without issue. I have leveraged many SolarWinds products to get the network and resources fine-tuned to meet the needs of this wonderful environment.
  • The overall business has improved due to the implementation and management of great monitoring and reporting tools such as SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer. Each year the IT team makes adjustments and improvements to the environment. We use to have to react; we are much more proactive now and know when there is a problem in the environment before the end-users.
So .. I still use Wireshark, but it can't even compare to Netflow. I went to the best of the best with SolarWinds out of the gate. Wireshark is just another utility I have used to gather traffic flows. SolarWinds puts all the data into a very understandable graph. The SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer is so much easier to use than Wireshark. I continue to be amazed at the amount of data that my organization pushes; Wireshark could never present me that kind of information!
You have 2 options (almost 3) for Solarwinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer support.
1. Tech Support at the end of the phone or a Webex session; I have had nothing but great experiences with Support. I always factor support into the value of any product! SW support is amazing.
2. Become a member of the Solarwinds THWACK community; many answers to questions or configuration issues have already been posted!! If not, throw your question out there, and several folks will chime in to assist. I don't belong to Facebook. I do belong to THWACK.
3. Your 3rd option for support is your Account Manager, believe it or not! The folks at SolarWinds care! THANK YOU!

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Unbelievable tool to find those employees that just will not adhere to the rules put forth regarding the streaming of media; I am talking about those bandwidth hogs that treat your work network like their home! I have flows coming in from both mission-critical and non-mission critical locations to keep tabs on absolutely all traffic in my environment. I can't think of a scenario in my business line where it would not be appropriate to capture traffic flows for analysis.

At this point in time, almost all the anomalies I have detected have been humans utilizing the network for personal use. I have used Solarwinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer and SolarWinds Database Performance Analyzer together to get a very pesky custom application re-configured due to poor performance and disruptions on the network. Wonderful tools to monitor technology and applications can only contribute to your success as an IT pro!

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