SurveyMonkey User with 3 Years Experience
September 25, 2014

SurveyMonkey User with 3 Years Experience

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Overall Satisfaction with SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is used by many departments and often, departments come to my team for our expertise in survey design. Survey data is used to make business decisions based on ratings and feedback expressed by a relevant audience. The tool also allows us to establish scores that we trend over time to monitor progress of various business solutions or initiatives (e.g., satisfaction, utility, efficiency and effectiveness of training, services, tools, and/or processes).
  • SM provides the ability to customize surveys visually and analytically. Visual design elements include html coding, them customization and saving, text alteration, image uploading/internal branding. Analytically, SM offers numerous types of questions that can be used in designing the survey to fit your analysis needs. For example, if I want scores, I use the rating scale option. If I am interested in demographic information such as "career level", I choose drop down or multiple choice to obtain the output in percentages. There is also question logic and page logic, custom disqualification pages.
  • What's more? Customize settings such as anonymous/not anonymous, allow multiple responses per computer/one response per computer, set up multiple collector links per survey, customize thank you pages, publish/not publish results, filter responses, cross reference data, customize charts in the SM tool, download per question, and much more.
  • SurveyMonkey offers multiple download formats once you have survey results (e.g., PDF, Excel, and now PPT). The summary downloads are fairly clean and easy to understand. Many customers are very happy with raw data summaries requiring very little manipulation. At the same time, I can enhance raw downloads by setting up my own templates to transfer results and analyze them further. Additionally, there is an option to download response per participant using text or numerical coding (this is handy if need deep analysis and SM is compatible with SPSS).
  • SurveyMonkey is always improving their tool. I have given feedback at various points in time and soon enough, the enhancements I request become a reality (probably because many other users are also asking for the same thing). For example, a while ago I requested to be able to download one individuals' survey responses in PDF and now they have that option. This tool is also affordable and user friendly.
  • I would like to be able to save questions that I create into a "bank" that can easily be added to any new survey that I design.
  • The first suggestion is a precursor to my next suggestion, which is to be able to select one question from my bank and analyze the results for that question across all of the surveys that it is placed in (meta analyze)
  • Allow sharing of survey responses by collector only.
  • Provides backup evidence for business justifications
  • Helps ensure training is current and meets learning needs
  • Allows teams to identify opportunities for improvement and develop action plans
I have only used SM. Our team continually explores other tools that could make our work more efficient and we have not yet encountered a compelling demonstration. In addition, most of the research I have conducted leads back to SM.
If there was something better that was equally cost effective, we might adopt it.
SurveyMonkey requires knowledgeable administrators to test and safeguard the delivery of surveys and analysis of results for highest quality and utilization. Study methods and statistics are not provided in this tool; an analyst has to know the ins and outs of sampling, delivery, and results interpretation to draw the most meaning from the results.

Using SurveyMonkey

5 - Three people in my immediate team. In the entire organization, I estimate there are at least 10 with varying levels of skill with the tool.
5 - Analysts, administrators.
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  • Submit anonymous questions to very large department meetings