Great for small nonprofits and user friendly and time saver!
August 16, 2014

Great for small nonprofits and user friendly and time saver!

Megan Abbott | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is used for our whole organization. We are a small nonprofit trade association but we use it throughout the year. Before I worked there, polls would be done by email which is not an effiecent way to gather information. I used SurveyMonkey in my previous job and recommended we use SurveyMonkey over two years ago. It makes getting feedback so much easier and it's user friendly. I recently taught my co-workers the basics of using it so they could create surveys by themselves. Since I've created so many surveys before, it's usually just a copy of a previous survey that needs to be updated and then it's ready to go out to our members and event attendees.
  • They make it easy to create surveys. Once you create a survey, if it's a format you use over and over, all you have to do is copy it, rename it and make any updates you need to.
  • They have a whole list of ways you can gather information. There are different question types and you can use skip logic so if the question doesn't apply, people can skip to the next set of questions.
  • Exporting your final data is easy and easily goes into an excel spreadsheet or PDF file. You can even filter your results now which is a recent upgrade.
  • You can create custom web links but if something is already being used, you can't use it. I understand why you can't use the same one but I don't know if there is something they can do about it or not.
  • Sometimes it can get "stuck" when you have been editing a survey. If you go in to change the page info, it sometimes won't let you click in the box to let you type. You then have to close out of that pop up box and I usually have to go out of the survey then back in.
  • It won't let you change the font or bold or underline anything. I wish it would offer that because sometimes you need to call out a deadline for instance in your intro paragraph.
  • When you want to just preview your survey, you can't just click throught to each page if you have questions that require an answer. You have to fill in those required fields to move on to preview your survey. You should be able to view the draft without having to enter anything (even into required fields).
  • We use this to survey vendors after a trade show and their comments to me have helped improve other shows. I don't have hard numbers but I know our vendors, some of whom are associate members, are very happy to give this feedback because it helps their ROI too.
  • I know it has saved us employee time as we aren't sifting through email responses and entering them into a spreadsheet. SurveyMonkey does that for us.
  • We often need to do quick polls to our members to make decisions. This makes them feel like they are getting value for their membership dues that they pay our association.
It's very budget friendly. I think we pay a little over $200 a year for our annual subscription and we pretty much use it on a monthly basis to get feedback from our members on meetings, conferences, trade shows and gathering contact info.
I think for surveying small groups of people, it works great. I don't have experience sending out a survey to over probably 300 people. And it depends how you use it. I only use it as a link that I embed into a personal email. Those are things you should look at before purchasing.

Using SurveyMonkey

3 - Two of us who do Member Services use it to survey members and our Executive Director uses it occassionally but it's mostly me.
1 - I guess I'm the in house support. There are only four of us and I consider myself tech savvy but I am by no means an IT person. As long as you're comfortable with using a computer and aren't afraid to try things, then you can support SurveyMonkey in house.
  • Surveying members to get feedback on meetings and events.
  • Surveying Attendees at our big statewide conference to get feedback on the speakers and venue.
  • We also use it to gather specific information about our members besides the usual contact info. We gather info about what their specific areas of expertise are and how many years experience they have in their fields.
  • As mentioned in the last question, using it to gather more information about our members.
  • We mainly use it to survey people so I don't know how else we would use it.