Ease of use Integration Process
Updated November 28, 2018

Ease of use Integration Process

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO BusinessWorks

In our organization, my team manages TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks for many years for a good number of integration projects. It allows you to quickly and easily connect applications, with reliability and scalability. Our integration platform is made up of thousands of processes of every kind type (eg. finance, banking, assurance, energy, doc manage, etc..). We are also responsible for maintenance and updates. If the integration platform is easy to use, The project will be more scalable.
  • Ease of use—Integration activities
  • Short deployment Processes
  • Scalability and extensibility of Projects
  • Drag-and-drop graphical development environment
  • Energy and Utilities area: we faced situations to respond an increasing demand, and through TIBCO BusinessWorks we reduced costs and job time.
  • Bank Area: through TIBCO BusinessWorks we connected and unified banking business processes across applications and data sources.
  • Finance Area: The integration project was ready to go to production within a realistic timeframe and deploying from development to a running project went smoothly.
  • In-person training
  • Self-taught
I've learned by myself TIBCO BusinessWorks with helps from my expert colleagues. I sincerely
advise you to attend a course before or while learning this technology
as it can help you familiarize yourself with some of the most useful
tools for developing Business Work processes, such as File and Database Adapter.
  • Scalability and extensibility
  • Reduced Development Timing
The drag-and-drop graphical development environment saves us time and resources. It is more efficient not only for the development, but also to fix bugs that were developed years ago. This feature does not make you lose lines and lines of code. Business Process Design helps you to understand and remember how a process is working. With activities added to the process you can access data from an adapter service, manipulate the data, and send the data elsewhere. Examples include sending email, querying a database, or adding content to a file.
As data flows through your business process, different activities require different components of the data. On the Input tab of each activity, TIBCO Designer displays the available process data and the activity’s input represented as schema trees.
• The process data is the list of available data items within the process at the point where the activity is located (an activity has access to all output data from any activity that is executed before it in the process definition).
• The activity input is the list of input values that are required or optional for the activity.
For each activity, you map the process data to the activity input.
Once the process definition is complete, you can perform preliminary testing from TIBCO Designer. In test mode, a TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks engine is started to perform the processing specified in the process definition. The testing environment allows you to step through your process models and find sources of errors. The testing environment displays the running process definitions and highlights the currently executing activity.
I've never used something like TIBCO BusinessWorks. I just use TIBCO BusinessWorks v5.x and TIBCO BusinessWorks v6.x. The versions I used are slightly different, but the base concept are the same.
Short deployment cycle processes are the best choice for an integration project for lots of reasons. Through TIBCO. BusinessWorks you could connect process to Database or simply Soap Request so the project will be flexible and adaptable and you can potentially adapt it to multiple activities. Of course, it is not used for long deployment running processes (see TIBCO. Active Matrix).

Innovation, Integration and Support

For creating new process, you have lots of palettes to do every develop you need.
For created process it is easy to understand even if you have ever seen before it. You can analyze your process in all their detail.
User Experience is positive for beginner and expertise people.
Just debug mode is still raw, but better in TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.x than TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x .
Integration was the most principal part of our projects and development. We use TIBCO Business Works as a medium to integrate Database, Web Service, Java Application, Stand Alone Application, and other Tibco products, one overall Tibco Business Process Model. The available palettes help developers in every situations faced.
  • easy way to develop
  • easy way to fix process
  • analyze and support better develop and analyst
  • some way to test
  • simulation with parameters
  • debug way
  • SOAP Web Service
  • Oracle and Postgres DataBase
  • Java Application
  • TIBCO Business Process Model