SMBs use of TIBCO for various integrations
June 10, 2019

SMBs use of TIBCO for various integrations

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Overall Satisfaction with TIBCO Cloud Integration (including BusinessWorks and Scribe)

The Cloud integration is being used for various purposes to integrate both internal systems together and as an endpoint for external companies integrating with our systems, this covers multiple departments but is centralized and managed by IT and is our go-to integration option. The main business driver behind opting for this solution is that it gives our IT the ability to focus on the internal applications they develop with TIBCO being used to integrate these which can be managed by non-technical users without the need for our dev team to be heavily involved. This also provides a simple external endpoint for companies to POST data to our systems that we can easily monitor and create/decommission.
  • Usability - the UI is simple and easy to use or a non technical user with the ability for those with the knowledge to do the dev work when needed
  • Provisioning time - the ability to create and drop endpoints gives our teams a very simple method to provide external companies access to push data
  • Error logging - The error messages generated are concise and usually easily readable for a non technical user
  • Marketplace - the connector marketplace gives a really simple way to connect to applications
  • Cost - The annual cost is high and a flat rate, I believe this could be more of a progressive pricing based on planned or actual usage
  • Notifications - an easier way to configure the email notifications for errors would be preferred so that it can be more flexible
  • Purchase model - The platform should be able to be purchased directly
  • Online training
  • Self-taught
The online training gave us a good base for working with the system, it doesn't cover the real detail that your technical team will need to get into so we needed internal expertise for that but it gave our non-technical team enough for them to do there job. There was also a knowledge transfer from the technical to the non-tech once they had completed their work.
  • Startup time - the quick time in which we can provision integrations means we can deliver requirements quickly, which is what our departments need
  • The online training means we can easily get users up and running without the need for the internal cost of training
  • Development time - The development that was needed to create connectors for our custom application was large
After the initial effort to create custom connectors for our applications (which was large), the ability to create integrations now using these connectors and the provided connectors is very simple and depending on the scenario we have integrations setup, tested and live with significantly less effort than doing this without a platform
The data mapping and design tools in TIBCO are very easy to use and can be picked up and worked with by a non technical user, if there're errors in existing integrations or ones being created these can easily be reviewed and corrected by a non technical user, the editors for the implication are very visual and drag, drop & configure.
The testing and error logging of the integrations is very detailed, the main features we like are; the ease in which you can change connections from a live system to a test system, the detail of the error reports for failed records give our teams good indications of the issues and are usually discernible by our non technical users
We have used Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services previously for various projects including data migration and integration, although the product is free and has very high flexibility it doesnt have the usability and connectors of scribe that allow you to quickly create basic integrations and have normal users manage and review these setups
TIBCO is a great solution for managing multiple integrations in one place using a UI that is simple and understandable, this is particularly useful to us where we have multiple integrations across the business. Hosting it in the cloud and centrally managed means that the dev team only needs to create connectors once that can be used multiple times and our non technical users can manage day-to-day. This solution wouldnt be appropriate for a small simple integration due to cost.

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