TradeGecko: Billing, Inventory, Stock Purchasing all under one roof
August 06, 2018

TradeGecko: Billing, Inventory, Stock Purchasing all under one roof

Wayne Spivak | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with TradeGecko

I have installed TradeGecko (TG) in a client that is a baby apparel distributor/e-commerce retailer. They sell on their own website, the TradeGecko B2B e-comm site to boutiques, on Amazon and through EDI.

TradeGecko (with the exception of Amazon) receives the orders, invoices and maintains the perpetual inventory. It maintains all the relationships, billing and shipping info for suppliers and customers (either consumer or business). For Amazon, it just maintains perpetual inventory.

TradeGecko also handles the piping of orders, payments,etc. to Xero. It has a report section that has gotten better over the last year.

  • Interface with WooCommerce.
  • Interface with Xero.
  • Maintain Perpetual Inventory (less than 0.001% difference in value of inventory in TG and Xero).
  • Works with ShipStation extremely well.
  • Works with major EDI vendors (with reservations).
  • It doesn't handle salespeople (we're not talking commissions, just a field for salespeople).
  • It doesn't have credit limit checking.
  • They have an issue with sales tax (recalcuating tax on API feeds where tax has already been calculated).
  • There B2B needs a lot more functionality, but it does work.
  • If you use the B2B and you get a return, they only have credit card refunds capability of all or nothing - totally unrealistic.
  • I have spent an inordinate amount of time getting them to see what realistic business rules are (not just for my client, but for business in general).
  • I believe their engineers, analysts and many of their customer service people need more real-life business experience since they truly don't understand concepts as simple as "sales pipeline" or as mentioned before, you don't recalculate sales tax when you are not the books of record.
I looked at several other products and either they were cost prohibitive or just too complex. If I wanted complexity I would go with a full suite approach (Navision, Intacct, Netsuite, Sage, etc.) for a major price point entrance into the accounting system world.

While TG has been at times very aggravating overall I'm more that satisfied given the clients operating parameters. No software solution is perfect - no matter what the software publisher says!
Using TradeGecko requires to the company to make compromises. Which compromises depends on the business, what they are using for other 3rd party applications and what they sell.

You need to be very good with excel since you are able to upload and modify most files, which gives you major control over your data. They however need to modify the way in which new inventory items get loaded, as it is quite awkward if you use variants.

'Reports' as has been described prior has improved dramatically and most if not all can be downloaded in CSV/Excel format. This allows you to build your own reports with the data from the system.

If your business is very complex in nature, TradeGecko probably isn't the system for you. If you are doing thousands of transactions a day, again this is not the system. However, if you are a small to smaller mid-sized business, the system, its cost and the 3rd party applications make it worth a first second and third look.