Trusted Reviews at TrustRadius!
June 24, 2021

Trusted Reviews at TrustRadius!

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Overall Satisfaction with TrustRadius for Buyers

We were in the process of searching for a software that can easily sort and organize our data. Similar to Microsoft Excel, but we wanted something a little more robust. Instead of searching for these programs one by one, we went on TrustRadius and was able to quickly go through different reviews and gauge which one was best suited for us.
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Well Organized
  • Reviews are very detailed
  • Cost breakdown can be hard to find
  • Asking questions for users
Personally, I haven't encountered any vendors that were not transparent about pricing. Most vendors will let us know the price of what we are thinking of purchasing and then go into the bells and whistles of what comes with it. If a vendor didn't share pricing information, then we would end our conversation there because pricing is a big component to why we would purchase a brand new software.
The main feature about TrustRadius that stood out to me was the simplicity and look. It is much easier to use than other review sites I have used. Some of the reviews from other websites didn't seem as legit comparted to TrustRadius. They lacked detail and some reviews just seemed repetitive. My experience with TrustRadius has been great and I continuously go back to it!
I have used rankings as part of my research to evaluate programs. They are helpful to a certain extent. This gives us a high level overview of which programs are at the top of the charts. From there one can see which program is the most popular and go from there. Can't always trust the one that's ranked #1, but it is important to see the ones that follow.
Product ratings and scores do play a part in the purchase decision because we want to see what are the top products others are using in the industry. A "good" product rating and score is one that has a very in-depth review of the product. The user has used the software for at least a year. By having this experience, one is able to give a very solid review.
One of the biggest challenges would definitely have to be finding the one product that did everything one wanted! And as a company, we have to go through the trial phase to see if the product is really suitable for us or not. Getting the proper feedback from everyone can be challenging at times, but this a part of the process.
I am giving TrustRadius a 10 out of 10 because of the organization of the information that is provided. The information of all the reviews are displayed and formatted in the same format, so this gives the reader some formality. Reviews are very very solid, and are more than helpful. TrustRadius is a great source to use to validate some of your personal research about a software.