RPA-Choose UiPath

Overall Satisfaction with UiPath Enterprise RPA Platform

UiPath is used as RPA solution in our organization where we have N number of repetitive process. We use it in our financial department. We have a repetitive invoice process. In the search of the solution, we have evaluated all the RPA tools, but UiPath was the best out of them. We use UiPath and partner product ABBYY OCR to automate our process. I like to recommend UiPath to all colleague for its best functionality and its user interface.
  • User Interface - It has the best user interface where anybody from any background can use this product.
  • No coding is required - Almost all the activity you require are there in UiPath, if you need some more activity you require a minimal amount of coding.
  • Your robot are always accurate, it doesn't make any mistakes.
  • Your UiPath Robot can work 24/7 without any intervention.
  • For many applications in finance and manufacture, we have to buy a partner product with UiPath.
  • Pricing of UiPath is high.
  • Integration to a new platform is difficult.
  • It reduced our overall time.
  • Increase in productivity
  • It can adjust to any environment.
No Coding is required.
It offers a community version for understanding the product first.
It is easy to use because of its user interface.
Cost is less compare to other product.
It is more accurate because the robot doesn't make any mistakes.
We get an immediate Return On Investment [ROI].
It follows all the security protocol as per our requirements.

It is best suited for where you have a highly repetitive processes, standard inputs and has high process volumes. It is not suited for the environment where you have many rules and very minimal of a repetitive process. It is also not suited for high Exception Rate process.