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SAP Customer Data Cloud.

Social Login Tools Overview

What are Social Login Tools?

Social Login Tools, or social sign-on, are a relatively new class of software that allows a visitor to a website, or a potential or present customer to an online store, to instantaneously register for a personal account with the service provider using their pre-existing social website credentials.

Beyond the obvious benefit of easing and speeding registration for one's customers, this process intrinsically connects the customer's social sphere, and all the information in this realm, to the merchant's knowledge of that customer. This is useful, for guiding more intelligent advertising efforts.

Social Login Products

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SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya)
13 ratings
9 reviews
The SAP Customer Data Cloud (formerly Gigya) provides a Customer Identity Management (social login) Platform that businesses can use to identify their customers using both traditional and social registration, consolidate and manage cross-channel customer data, and customize user experiences through …
Okta Customer Identity
14 ratings
3 reviews
In the Okta Customer Identity platform, Okta bundles authentication with social login, authorization, and (if desired) multi factor authentication, for free on the Developer plan. Okta Customer Identity is also available in the One App or Enterprise editions, which include add-on services, premiere …
3 ratings
2 reviews
LoginRadius is a customer identity platform that helps companies deliver a streamlined login process while protecting digital accounts and complying with data privacy regulations. The vendor says LoginRadius serves over 3,000 businesses with a monthly reach of 700 million users worldwide. Key platfo…
Janrain's Customer Identity Management Platform supports the collection of customer identity data through social and traditional registration and login as well as diverse engagement capabilities like Commenting, Ratings and Reviews and Live Chat. The customer identity data is stored in one unified i…
AddShoppers Social Login
AddShoppers provides social log in solutions to online merchants. Some key features include: Automated Email Responses, Dynamic Content, and Lead Segmentation.
OneAll is a social login and single sign-on (SSO) product from the small Luxembourg based software company of the same name.
Zinrelo Social Login
Zinrelo’s Social Login solution is designed to increase customer registrations and eliminate the issue of forgotten passwords.
Annex Cloud Login Services
Annex Cloud (formerly Social Annex) in Los Angeles offers their social login application, Login Services, supporting customer social login for customer identity management to promote intelligent marketing.
EasyAuth Social Login
NexusMedia, headquartered in Poland offers EasyAuth Social Login, a social login app for Shopify.
Synacor Cloud ID
Synacor offers the Cloud ID authentication platform, which allows service subscribers to use social login to access service accounts and entertainment platforms, with single sign-on (SSO), self-service password recovery, security features setup with parental controls, concurrency monitoring to prote…
Appreciation Engine
Appreciation Engine (AE) is a social login platform that gathers customer insights in real-time. According to the vendor, the product's simple dashboard helps users engage loyal fans, improve open rates, save marketing dollars, and drive revenue using customer data.
SoClever provides social login and sharing tools to help conversion rates, registration rates and lower cart abandonment rates. The tools are free to use and try. SoClever's dashboard provides paying customers unique demographic insights into their customers. This allows for more relevant message…
GetSocial helps eCommerce websites increase their sales by generating highly qualified traffic, boosting visibility and purchase intent, and providing data on their visitors. We do so by providing a simple tool to create social action buttons. Companies now use regular social action buttons (Faceboo…