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CallidusCloud LeadRocket

We have really enjoyed the personal level of customer service with CallidusCloud and the quick turn around on any concerns and issues. CallidusCloud works well as an integrated instance with Salesforce and also as a stand alone instance that can send to csv files. We have been able to build campaigns, track success of said campaigns and manage automation. The level of integration has been key to our success and to the ability to create professional, personalized templates that are true to our brand but allow us to innovate. We also are pleased with the way that we can add blocks of emails on during our busy times so that service is not interrupted.
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Feature Rating Comparison

Email & Online Marketing

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
WYSIWYG email editor
CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Landing pages
CallidusCloud LeadRocket

Lead Management

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Lead scoring and grading
CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Data quality management
CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Automated sales alerts and tasks
CallidusCloud LeadRocket

Social Media Marketing

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Social sharing and campaigns
CallidusCloud LeadRocket

Platform & Infrastructure

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Role-based workflow & approvals
CallidusCloud LeadRocket


  • Does everything that it needs to
  • Can handle huge amounts of data
  • Reporting is good
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  • Email deliverability. Our initial campaigns have had dismal opens compared to historical sends in other providers (MailChimp, Netsuite). Their solution: get our busy topline customers to wrestle with the IT department to whitelist domains. And forget it with leads. I don't believe we're landing in the inbox for many of our target leads. But the upside is you get fewer unsubscribes that way!
  • Slim on the set-up documentation. Personally, I'm not a big fan of the industry trend of pointing users to a forum to find answers. I want a kick-off package with a checklist and helpful documentation. LeadFormix is among the vendors who essentially encourage you to "google it" - although our account rep is responsive, but that approach (me emailing a question to the rep) is a reactive tactic. Poor guy! (I've had a lot of questions.)
  • Netsuite integration. They claimed Netsuite integration and stated that they themselves are users of Netsuite as their ERP. Now I'm no fan of Netsuite, but it's what we're married to. So far I have seen zero integration other than a custom visitor tab that appears on the customer record in Netsuite. Even if there is some check box not checked somewhere in our set-up, the fact remains that lists are still manually exported from Netsuite and imported into Leadformix. No integration there and, I was told, it's not their focus so no interest in improving it. (Heck even Pardot is giving up on Netsuite now that Salesforce bought them.)
  • No visibility across users. To see a sent email from a sales user or fellow Marketeer, I have to manually filter by that individual user. What I want is a global view across users.
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Likelihood to Renew

CallidusCloud LeadRocket6.0
Based on 11 answers
Easy of use, ease of integration, Salesforce integration are all key factors in my decision to renew.
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CallidusCloud LeadRocket8.0
Based on 1 answer
Very easy to use and designed well.
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CallidusCloud LeadRocket6.0
Based on 2 answers
It has declined since we started with this company and it could be better.
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Alternatives Considered

LeadFormix is cheaper, claims Netsuite integration, and boasts high deliverability. Two of these three claims is true based on our first two months using LeadFormix
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Return on Investment

  • It has increased our efficiency by saving time
  • Due to the multiple lists issue, it has been difficult trying to send out individual email campaigns to individuals lists at certain times
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CallidusCloud LeadRocket

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CallidusCloud LeadRocket
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Additional users, domains, DNS, dedicated IP, and email volume are available as add-ons. Monthly pricing is available upon request.