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CallidusCloud LeadRocket

I honestly can't see any situation where this is not suited. Even when we release campaigns to 20 people, which could easily be done using any email platform, you still are able to use reporting that could be used to make processes more efficient.

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Email & Online Marketing

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
WYSIWYG email editor
CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Landing pages
CallidusCloud LeadRocket

Lead Management

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Lead scoring and grading
CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Data quality management
CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Automated sales alerts and tasks
CallidusCloud LeadRocket

Social Media Marketing

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Social sharing and campaigns
CallidusCloud LeadRocket

Platform & Infrastructure

CallidusCloud LeadRocket
Role-based workflow & approvals
CallidusCloud LeadRocket


  • You can send as many emails to as many people as you'd like, there seemingly is no limit. I sent an email campaign to over 1 million contacts and was able to receive detailed reporting on each individual as far as who opened, when, how many times, did they click anywhere else etc.
  • The platform does the calculations for you as far as percentage of opens and click-throughs. Minutes after releasing a campaign I am able to retrieve the necessary information to create custom reporting for our customers.
  • The platform automatically dedupes contacts from receiving the same release more than once as it can be difficult to filter through mass amounts of contacts/lists.


  • The platform has room to improve on their customization for customers. CallidusCloud cannot easily customize reporting that you would specifically need but rather searches for the best resource that's closest to your demands.
  • CallidusCloud needs to improve their update process. It has almost been guaranteed that whenever an upgrade/update has been made, there will be a hidden glitch in the system that will be effected for at least 1-2 weeks after. In other words, when they fix something, something else breaks.

Likelihood to Renew

CallidusCloud LeadRocket6.0
Based on 11 answers
Since the company has grown, the personal touch has dispatched and it's more difficult to get a rep. There is no longer a phone call that can be made but the responses don't take as long as others and the glitches are becoming more and more frequent.


CallidusCloud LeadRocket8.0
Based on 1 answer
Very easy to use and designed well.


CallidusCloud LeadRocket6.0
Based on 2 answers
It has declined since we started with this company and it could be better.

Alternatives Considered

Manticore is slightly better, simply because it kind of worked as opposed to not working at all. Pardot is great

Return on Investment

  • Customers not receiving expected emails. Negative. Damages the brand.
  • Visitor domain tracking and associated user actions (page visits, form fills, etc.) have given sales actionable intelligence in real time.

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CallidusCloud LeadRocket

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Additional users, domains, DNS, dedicated IP, and email volume are available as add-ons. Monthly pricing is available upon request.