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Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud Storage is highly useful when you need to store data programmatically, from a web or mobile application, and when you need some amount of access control—for instance, such as when you want to sync data across devices. It is less needed for simple file hosting of static web assets, as it may be overly complex for something as simple as hosting static images for a website.
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File Sharing & Management

Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage
Video files
Google Cloud Storage
Audio files
Google Cloud Storage
Document collaboration
Google Cloud Storage
Access control
Google Cloud Storage
File search
Google Cloud Storage
Device sync
Google Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Security & Administration

Google Cloud Storage
User and role management
Google Cloud Storage
File organization
Google Cloud Storage
Device management
Google Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage Platform

Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage
Google Cloud Storage
Storage Reports
Google Cloud Storage


  • Google Cloud Storage is great for handling file uploads and performing actions when those files are uploaded. In our case, we hook into the file upload Object Change Notification to perform necessary tasks, and Google Cloud Storage makes this a breeze.
  • Google Cloud Storage is also great at access control—making links to their assets that require certain authentication measures, such as signed URLs that expire, it easy to do.
  • We've also found that it is very nice for integrating with cross-domain JavaScript Ajax requests using CORS headers. Configuring response headers is a breeze.
  • Google Cloud Storage has an excellent suite of tools for working with it from the command line as well as web interfaces.
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  • Sometimes we would find advice for how to do something that wasn't documented in the API, although this was very early on.
  • When we first started using it, Google Cloud Storage was changing a lot, and some of these changes required us to adapt our code to fit them.
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Alternatives Considered

We prefer Google Cloud Storage over Amazon Web Services because of the tools and code integration offered by Google Cloud Storage. We found the Google Cloud Storage toolset to be highly usable and give us the fine-grained control we need for managing digital assets. Ultimately, we chose Google Cloud Storage because we found the API and suitability for code integration with our Java codebase to be impeccable and because we had excellent direct support from the Google Cloud Storage team
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Return on Investment

  • As my usage was mostly for an educational purpose, I cannot really comment on the ROI. But, google cloud storage has definitely served my purpose for choosing it as a place to store data collectively for the team.
  • One of non-financial ROI that I can think of is that I now have a much better understanding on how cloud systems work due the time I spent on using google cloud storage.
  • A lot of the world's best companies are using google cloud storage to deploy their applications so I do believe that there is quite a good positive impact on their ROI.
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Google Cloud Storage

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