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32 Ratings
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Mention is the ultimate tool for PR teams. Social media is very popular and it's difficult to keep track of what people are saying about your brand and your market without a social listening tool like Mention. It also offers social media management tools if you need those. Their strength and heritage lie in social listening, which is where their product shines.
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  • Alerts!!! Mention allows total customization of what they call Alerts. You are able to set up monitored pages, sources, and locations, keywords, set color of alert for quick reference and more.
  • Negative keywords! It is super easy to add in keywords and phrases that you do not want pulled into an alert. Making it super easy to set up an alert to monitor your brand, but excluded any mentions of job postings!
  • The UI of the software is clean and easy to read! Makes it easy to scan quickly and see all the most current mentions you have set up to track
  • It integrates with Slack. If you are addicted to Slack, you will rejoice. If you don't understand why this matters, then I recommend downloading Slack today!
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  • Price - This is the only issue we have encountered. As a small company struggling to stay afloat. Pricing is always an issue. Mindfulness of the unfortunate needs more attention in the future. Doing so may attract more users in our opinion.
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Mention 8.7
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Mention works quickly and its user interface is easy to use. Alerts update regularly and I've never noticed any lag. It integrates with our CRM via Zapier, but this is not something which we use yet. The only thing I would say is that it takes time for Mention to reach its full potential. It only starts to rank influences from when you set up the alert, so it can take a few weeks to build a map of your influencers.
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Mention 10.0
Based on 2 answers
We don't need support and haven't but have been contacted and guided via email and know that support is there if we need it. Great documentation on their site as well. No concerns to report with their support team at this time.
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Alternatives Considered


Honestly, I did a little research on different competitors, but my budget was very tight. Mention was the best reviewed and had the best reputation based on the price point. It was really an easy decision as all the other software solutions were charging $100s of dollars a month to accomplish something that paper Mention can do for $29-$99 a month. No contest for a marketer on a tight budget!
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Return on Investment


  • Mention has had a positive impact on my business because it gives people the impression that I was following them, even if I might not have been. It makes me appear active on all social media platforms, even if I ONLY look at my mentions each day!
  • Because I have only used the free plan but have benefitted greatly, I would say that my ROI is fantastic!
  • The only negative impact that Mention has is that I do get a daily email in my inbox, and it is one more thing to check. However, it is worth the time.
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