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27 Ratings
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Oktopost is great if you have several Social Media profiles you want to manage and want to schedule and post all your things in a simple interface. They have a great calendar view that shows everything that is coming up and you can easily move or change postings with a few clicks.It is also good for managing a single account. It has all the features I need for our single account markets, like campaigns, tracking, scheduling, etc.I think if you are trying to manage a very large number of social media profiles it might get a bit difficult. There are tools more suited for that than Oktopost that may be easier, but Oktopost would still work.
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  • Auto-poster feature that allows scheduling of posts to be made in relatively short time.
  • Calendar view has a great UI with easy to use drag and drop and editing features.
  • Message assets can be saved per campaign without having to re-draft them for repeated promotions.
  • Good reporting via excel export and dashboard overview
  • Great customer service and support! Including response rate and implementation of requested features
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  • Reporting views are sometimes confusing to access, esp when within a campaign
  • Navigation between pages can be better improved so that there is more bi-lateral linkage between pages and links
  • Campaign Filter view on calendar should have more options: For example, would be nice to view campaigns in either chronological order, alphabetical order, etc...
  • Looking forward to a mobile device app
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Likelihood to Renew

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I don't think there is a need to change over to another platform. From the little that I've heard, Oktopost is comparable if not better than its competing products. We also have a great personal relationship with Oktopost's founders and team and enjoy collaborating in various forms with them.
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When I have sent in questions to support, I have received answers pretty quickly and they were helpful.However, I would like to see more information on the support page rather than having to contact them directly.
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Online Training

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There is a lack of online training videos or documentation. They have a long list of FAQ's but I would prefer a quick YouTube video instead.
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As I stated earlier, I would suggest doing a quick session with the Oktopost team in order to properly set up the account and make sure you are getting the full experience.
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Alternatives Considered

The integration with SalesForce and Marketo was the number one reason we went with Oktopost. It wasn't until after I got inside and got my hands dirty that I saw how great Oktopost was. The analytics reporting is sensational. It allowed me to easily pull reports to organize for my marketing department.
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Return on Investment

  • This isn't a particularly fair question for my company, as we own rehab centers across the country. We used Oktopost (and social media) for branding and awareness. ROI is tough to measure for us in this regard.
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