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24 Ratings
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It's well-suited when used by a team who is actively engaged in social media presence and sees the value of an all-in-one, team-accessible solution. It's helpful that it serves as a scheduler but also can provide detailed analytics. I would avoid the product if it's a Hail Mary to get executive buy-in or engagement on social media - I think it just confused people who weren't already familiar with how social marketing works and they became disengaged and never used it


  • LinkedIn group submittal
  • Tracking conversations and a dashboard to respond rather than searching and hunting to make responses
  • Good customer support


  • Make Google (G+) allow personal submitals through Oktopost. Let me make this clear, this is NOT an Oktopost problem, this is a Google problem!! But I put this down here because it is the only missing link to creating a total social media tool kit.
  • When I first started there were very few support documents and learning resources. I think I was one of the first to sign up. Since then they have clearly been working on filling the learning center with information. Keep up the good work!
  • The emails that start off with "My name is Mark Lerner, Director of Marketing at Oktopost.... ;-) Mike 50 emails later I know who you are. Introduce the wife and kids next please ;-)

Likelihood to Renew

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Effectiveness and affordability of platform to help my company and clients achieve our social engagement objectives.


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When I have sent in questions to support, I have received answers pretty quickly and they were helpful.However, I would like to see more information on the support page rather than having to contact them directly.

Online Training

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There is a lack of online training videos or documentation. They have a long list of FAQ's but I would prefer a quick YouTube video instead.


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As I stated earlier, I would suggest doing a quick session with the Oktopost team in order to properly set up the account and make sure you are getting the full experience.

Alternatives Considered

I used Hootsuite for a few years. Hootsuite's look and feel are very cumbersome, especially when compared to the bright and user-friendly Oktopost. Plus, HS is very basic and for each added item (or report) you have to pay more, while in Oktopost you just get a full package (which you can also choose). The scheduling is much easier, in my opinion and Oktopost offers a "Content" feature (running now in HS only in Beta version the last time I checked Nov 2014), which is very helpful for curating content.

Return on Investment

  • Ability to quickly and comprehensively provide metrics on all activities to internal users and external clients helps inform and direct immediate and long term posting decisions.
  • Ability to integrate with websites and marketing platforms allows for an understanding of user interest beyond the awareness arena and into the conversion arena.
  • Ability to quickly post allows for immediate input during time sensitive social discussions.

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