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Functional Testing Tools Overview

What is Functional Testing Software?

Functional testing is a step in product development where software is tested to ensure it conforms to requirements. These functional requirements are generally concerned that a product’s components (e.g. a UI element or similar) simply do what they are meant to when used normally as intended. While relatively limited (by design), functional testing tools are optimal for QA purposes.

With functional testing software, input simulating user behavior can be fed into an application. Its response, the output, can be evaluated against a predetermined requirement. The test result is simply an observation of the output compared to a requirement. The results of a functional test can usually be expressed as a simple “pass” or “fail.” But besides input/output testing, functional testing tools may also support testing overall usability of a system of components against a requirement. A unified functional testing framework provides means of testing individual components, sub-systems, or an entire chain of anticipated user actions and related processes. Functional testing tools may be triggered manually, but to provide quality assurance at speed, advanced functional testing tools provide automated testing.

Types of Functional Testing

Various kinds of functional tests provided or supported by functional testing tools are:

  • Unit testing of a small unit of code, or a single task within the software code. Unit tests are often automated.

  • Smoke testing, or alternately sanity testing. This is a preliminary test to uncover severe failures that might make more detailed or advanced process testing impossible.

  • Interface testing, or the process of testing a product’s graphical user interface to ensure it meets specifications, or that navigation works as designed.

  • System testing, or testing components working in concert within an integrated system to ensure together they behave in compliance with requirements.

  • Regression testing, which is designed to uncover new bugs after patches or configuration changes have been made to a system.

Functional testing is distinguished from non-functional testing by its purpose, and by a typical test result. Non-functional testing includes measuring how an application scales or performs under various scenarios (e.g. performance testing), or simply measuring how the app handles realistic or high usage volume (e.g. load testing). Rather than signaling whether or not a functional requirements of a system or sub-system has “passed” or “failed” for QA or compliance purposes, non-functional tests produce results supporting more detailed analyses and comparisons. But while these tests differ, it is not uncommon that test software vendors support all types of software testing within a single test automation tool suite purchased via single license.

Pricing Information

Many functional testing tools are available free and open source. These tools are usually purpose built and specific to certain kinds of projects or apps (e.g. for Android apps, etc.). Open source tools may present the best option for small projects and independent developers. Also inexpensive live testing tools are available, some for $20 monthly. But functional test tools providing automation or complex multi-purpose testing are generally priced $250 monthly for short-term subscriptions, or $2000 to $3000 annually per licensed user with volume pricing available. Such high end suites support testing applications across browsers, mobile platforms, APIs, as well as ERP applications, and legacy systems. They also include load and performance testing capabilities, as well as live support. The intended users of advanced test automation suites are larger enterprises.

Functional Testing Products

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AscentialTest from Zeenyx Software in Hopkinton, Massachusetts is a functional and performance testing tool.
Bqurious Test Automation Software
Bqurious provides end-to-end testing services. The vendor’s value proposition is that their services blend expertise, experience and efficiency that brings focus to the three things that matter most for users – availability, performance and security. The vendor says their patented Technol…
LeanFT (HP LeanFT)
LeanFT (formerly HP LeanFT) is a light-weight functional testing tool, acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.
Appvance IQ
San Jose-based company Appvance offers Appvance IQ, an AI driven testing solution designed to deliver productivity gains in both test creation and execution, the former through AI scripting and codeless test creation, the latter through unified functional, performance and security (e.g. penetration)…
Silk Test (formerly Borland Silk Test)
Silk Test, formerly Borland Silk Test but re-branded since it is now owned and supported by UK-headquartered Micro Focus, is a functional testing tool.
Tricentis Orchestrated Service Virtualization (TOSCA OSV)
5 ratings
0 reviews
Austrian company Tricentis offers Orchestrated Service Virtualization via TOSCA OSV.
SentryOne LegiTest Server
LegiTest is a comprehensive data testing solution that aims to ensure 100% data accuracy between databases, applications, and web services. According to the vendor, key capabilities include: Unit Test Data Ability to unit test SQL Databases, SSIS Packages, SSRS Reports, SSAS Cubes, Web Services and…
SmartBear TestLeft
SmartBear TestLeft allows users to build, test, and deploy in one integrated development environment, a developer automated testing tool that can be added to an integrated development environment (IDE) so as to immediately test the UI of new features right after they are built. TestLeft allows users…
The Digital Group's Quality Assurance with Rapid Automation (QARA) is an integrated platform that supports declarative, zero coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution along with built-in reporting capabilities. The vendor says QARA is tailor-made for organization…
AgreeYa BeatBlip
AgreeYa Solutions offers BeatBlip, a continuous test automation tool supporting web application functional and regression testing, support for mobile or hybrid web applications, unattended or scheduled parallel testing, custom plugins and extensions, and many integrations with popular development an…
Screenster is a low-code solution for web UI testing automation. Along with the full support of Selenium and JavaScript, this tool features rich functionality for codeless test authoring and editing. Screenster enables robust automation of visual UI testing with self-healing locators, DOM and conten…
GalaxE.Solutions headquartered in Somerset offers GxQuality, a QA application designed to build, automate, and manage functional testing, regression tests, or other approaches to quality control.
Xavient CAE - Comparative Analysis Engine
Xavient Digital offers the Comparative Analysis Engine (CAE), a functional testing and QA tool.
openSUSE openQA
THe openSUSE openQA is a test automation tool for testing the installation process for an operating system. openSUSE is the open source project supported by the German company SUSE.
Bitwise headquartered in Schaumberg offers QualiDI, a functional testing tool which centralizes EDL testing and integrates with the Bitwise Test Data Management (TDM) suite and business rules engine.
Ixia IxNetwork VE
Keysight Technologies, via the company's Ixia division, offers IxNetwork VE, a functional and performance testing tool providing a framework for testing physical and virtual devices, and provide benchmarking for virtual servers in a network.
Automaton is a test automation tool. Automaton uses a visual flow chart-based design interface. It enables end to end continuous test automation of all components in application development - Web, APIs, Logs and Database Processes/Operations. With no-code interface, users without any coding knowled…
Compuware Topaz for Total Test
Compuware's Topaz for Total Test provides automated functional, regression, and unint testing, increasing the effectiveness and coverage of software testing, leading to fewer bottlenecks in the software delivery pipeline, lower failure rates and higher quality software.
mabl is a regression test automation tool with test output visualization and performance regression for tracking the perceived speed of web apps and sites, from the company of the same name in Boston.
Ghost Inspector
Ghost Inspector is a browser test automation and recording tool for testing website and web app functionality, from the company of the same name headquartered in Seattle.
ClicQA is an Independent Software Testing company, providing comprehensive Software Testing services. The vendor has developed a cloud-based software testing tool ‘ClicTest’ and test execution platform “TestPace” to empower their software testing offerings. With a presence in India, United Kingdom …
Test Armada
Test Armada is a suite of developer tools providing functional and performance testing, from Walmart Labs.
Ixia IxLoad VE
Keysight Technologies company Ixia offers IxLoad VE for the functional and performance testing of virtualized servers and converged network adapters (CNAs) for cloud computing.
HCL OneTest
HCL Technologies headquartered in India offers OneTest, a testing suite capable of functional and performance testing and a service virtualization solution which is capable of providing missing elements of a web service during development and testing processes.
Citus Cloud ATS
Citus Cloud ATS from FPT Software is an automation test tool that supports Functional Test (Selenium) and/or Performance Test (Jmeter) for web applications. The vendor states users can take advantage of the cloud-based test environment, which is globally accessible; easy to be shared among departmen…