Test Management Tools

Test Management Tools Overview

What are Test Management Tools?

Test management tools are used to manage the entire testing process comprehensively, eliminating the need for multiple software tools to manage individual steps in the testing process. Test management software is used to:

  • Track the number of tests planned, and run with pass/fail results tabulation.
  • Schedule tests to be executed whether manually or automatically.
  • Track testing schedule and budget.
  • Enable collaboration and easy communication across multiple project teams.
Some test management tools include requirements management to streamline test case design.

Test Management Products

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48 ratings
46 reviews
TestComplete is a test management and functional, performance testing tool, from SmartBear Software headquartered in Somerville, Massachusetts.
Azure DevOps Server (formerly Team Foundation Server)
118 ratings
35 reviews
Top Rated
AzureDevOps Server (formerly Team Foundation Server, or TFS) is a test management and application lifecycle management tool, from Microsoft's Visual Studio offerings. To license Azure DevOps Server an Azure DevOps license and a Windows operating system license (e.g. Windows Server) for each machine …
Quality Center (formerly HP Quality Center)
45 ratings
13 reviews
Quality Center (formerly HP Quality Center) is a quality and test management option acquired by Micro Focus from Hewlett-Packard Enterprise.
2 ratings
7 reviews
SpiraTest allows customers to manage their software testing and quality assurance activities. It provides requirements management, test management and bug-tracking functionality with integrated reporting.
Tricentis qTest (formerly QASymphony)
1 rating
2 reviews
Tricentis qTest (formerly QASymphony) provides enterprise-level agile testing tools giving businesses visibility and control needed to ensure application quality in fast-paced development environments. Tricentis and QASymphony merged in summer 2018.
Compuware File-AID
0 ratings
1 review
File-AID provides a cross-platform file and data management solution that enables developers and QA staff to quickly and conveniently access necessary data and files instead of hunting around for them. In turn, developers devote less time to data-related tasks and spend more time developing new func…
SentryOne Pragmatic Workbench
1 rating
1 review
Pragmatic Workbench Enterprise is a suite that combines four Pragmatic Works products: BI xPress, DBA xPress, DOC xPress and LegiTest. It was acquired by SentryOne in April 2018. According to the vendor, key Features Include: Validate Data ResultsContinuously validate data results across all syste…
IBM Rational Quality Manager
1 rating
1 review
IBM Rational Quality Manager is a performance testing and quality management hub.
1 rating
1 review
According to the vendor, PractiTest is a cloud-based innovative test management tool. PractiTest provides its customers with a highly productive end-to-end system to meet their testing and QA needs. The vendor claim that it is easy and affordable, but very flexible and methodological. PractiTest ena…
Silk Central (formerly Borland Silk Central)
0 ratings
1 review
Silk Central (formerly Borland Silk Central before its acquisition) is a test management solution from global, UK headquartered company Micro Focus.
Ranorex Studio
2 ratings
1 review
Over 14,000+ users worldwide automate tests with Ranorex Studio, which promises to enable rapid delivery of high-quality desktop, mobile, and web applications. The vendor says that with over 10 years in test automation, Ranorex Studio supports automating functional UI tests for even the most challen…
Eggplant Manager
Eggplant Manager is a test management system that lets you manage Eggplant Functional suites, define tests, schedule test runs, and analyze results from a web browser. Eggplant Manager provides an easy way to run multiple tests or instances of a test simultaneously against different devices. In addi…
XL TestView (Discontinued)
XL TestView from Boston-based XebiaLabs was a test results management offering, discontinued in late 2019.
SmarteQM is a test management offering from Austin-based SmarteSoft.
QaBook, from QaWorks in the UK, is an offering that contains both test management and defect tracking features.
Israeli company Testuff offers a test management platform.
SentryOne LegiTest Server
LegiTest is a comprehensive data testing solution that aims to ensure 100% data accuracy between databases, applications, and web services. According to the vendor, key capabilities include: Unit Test Data Ability to unit test SQL Databases, SSIS Packages, SSRS Reports, SSAS Cubes, Web Services and…
Tricentis LiveCompare
LiveCompare now from Tricentis (acquired 2019) enables zero production defects by telling users what impact change will have on their SAP system and where to focus testing efforts. From audits to upgrades, LiveCompare provides fact-based analysis for the user’s whole SAP application landscape. Resu…
The Digital Group's Quality Assurance with Rapid Automation (QARA) is an integrated platform that supports declarative, zero coding functional test automation design, management, planning, and execution along with built-in reporting capabilities. The vendor says QARA is tailor-made for organization…
National Instruments TestStand
National Instruments headquartered in Austin offers TestStand, a test management software application.
GalaxE.Solutions headquartered in Somerset offers GxQuality, a QA application designed to build, automate, and manage functional testing, regression tests, or other approaches to quality control.
Hughes Systique Unified Test Automation Framework (UTAF)
Hughes Systique headquartered in Rockville offers the Unified Test Automation Framework (UTAF), a scriptless test framework for testing web applications and mobile apps.
Innominds Harmony
Innominds headquartered in San Jose offers the Harmony test automation framework, for managing test data, integrating defect tracking and testing tools, and other features.
Bitwise headquartered in Schaumberg offers QualiDI, a functional testing tool which centralizes EDL testing and integrates with the Bitwise Test Data Management (TDM) suite and business rules engine.
Plutora Test Environment Management
Plutora Test Environment Management allows users to centralize bookings, resolve conflicts, and track system dependencies. Eliminate error-prone manual configuration management and change control processes.