Buyer's Guide to CRM Software

TrustRadius Top Rated CRM Software Badge for 2015

In this guide you'll find:

  • In-depth exploration of the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software market and capabilities offered by each vendor
  • TrustMaps showing the Top Rated tools used by small businesses, mid-size companies and enterprises based on user ratings & frequency of evaluation on TrustRadius
  • Detailed profiles of top 12 CRM software products, including pros & cons as cited in 490+ authenticated end-user reviews
  • Common capabilities and key factors to consider when selecting CRM software

Why You Should Read This Guide — Vinay Bhagat, Founder & CEO, TrustRadius

Photo of Vinay Bhagat Founder and CEO TrustRadiusTrustRadius is excited to publish our first ever Buyer's Guide to Customer Relationship Management Software. It offers practical guidance to help you find the best CRM software for your situation. Based on insights from real software users, it offers an in-depth exploration of the overall CRM market and product profiles for the leading vendors. Our research team analyzed 487 reviews and ratings by authenticated users on TrustRadius across 12 CRM software products, with the vast majority of reviews sourced independently of vendors.

About This Guide — Megan Headley, Research Director, TrustRadius

Photo of Megan Headley, Research Director, TrustRadiusIn the guide you will find:

• A summary of CRM software including common features, factors to consider in your evaluation, benefits of using CRM software, and pitfalls to avoid

• TrustMaps™ (two-dimensional charts) showing the leading CRM software products for enterprises, mid-size companies and small businesses, based on average “Likelihood to Recommend” ratings and search volumes on TrustRadius
TrustRadius TrustMaps

• An in-depth evaluation of each of the 12 CRM software products covered in the guide, including pros and cons, market segment focus, tips from end users, and other insights gleaned from end-user reviews on TrustRadius