The Best Customer Relationship Management Software


Different sized companies have differing CRM needs. We have thus compared 12 CRM software products across three different segments to help software buyers identify the solutions that most closely align with their needs. Our market segments are:

  • Enterprises: More than 1,000 employees
  • Mid-size Companies: 51-1,000 employees
  • Small Businesses: 1-50 employees

We have created a TrustMap™ for each market segment, revealing the leading CRM solutions based on end-user data on TrustRadius. More specifically, each TrustMap™ plots software products on two dimensions:

  1. Average User Rating: The average “Likelihood to Recommend” rating - a representation of overall satisfaction - by users who have written reviews on TrustRadius.
  2. Estimated Evaluation Frequency This metric indicates how often a product is evaluated on TrustRadius by companies within that market segment. It is measured by monthly unique page views of pages associated with a product, such as product descriptions, reviews and comparisons to other products. Products with large customer bases or those experiencing significant growth momentum are evaluated more frequently. The number is then multiplied by the percentage of customers within that market segment. This percentage is calculated based on the mix of user reviews and ratings on TrustRadius.

The red dotted line depicts the median user rating. All products above the red line are classified as “Top Rated” for that market segment. Products further to the right on the graphic are those products that are most frequently searched for on TrustRadius. High search volumes may indicate either positive or negative sentiment – people evaluating a product either to select or replace.

In order to be included in a TrustMap™, a product must have at least 10 reviews and ratings on (most have many more). All ratings and reviews come from authenticated end-users of the software and the vast majority of reviews were sourced independently of vendors.

Satisfaction ratings are one factor to consider in your search for a CRM solution. It’s also important to consider your feature requirements and the particular strengths and weaknesses of each product. The rest of this report provides an evaluation of each software product, including pros and cons, market segment focus, and other insights gleaned from end-user reviews on TrustRadius.

The Best CRM Software Products for Enterprises (>1,000 employees)

Only four software products qualified for our enterprise TrustMap, based on having sufficient reviews from enterprise end-users. Salesforce is the leader in the space. Insightly is also highly rated among enterprise users; however, it's important to note that the product was originally focused on small business customers, and recently shifted focus to businesses of all sizes. Therefore, it may lack certain enterprise features. Enterprise users of Insightly might be using the product as a focused or departmental solution rather than an enterprise-wide deployment.

Of these four products, SAP CRM is the only one that is focused on the enterprise segment, with nearly 70% of its customer base being enterprises, per the mix of reviews and ratings on TrustRadius.

Enterprise CRM Software TrustMap

The Best CRM Software Products for Mid-size Companies (51-1,000 employees)

The Top Rated CRM software products among mid-size companies (those with 51-1,000 employees) are Salesforce, Infor CRM, Zoho CRM, Sage CRM, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The CRM products that are most focused on the mid-size market segment, per the mix of reviews on TrustRadius, are NetSuite CRM+ (79%), Infor CRM (64%), Salesforce (56%) and Microsoft Dynamics CRM (56%).

Mid-size CRM Software TrustMap

The Best CRM Software Products for Small Businesses (1-50 employees)

The Top Rated CRM products among small businesses (those with 50 employees or less) are Workbooks, WORK[etc] CRM, GreenRope, Salesforce, Insightly, and Sage CRM.

There are several products that are focused on the needs of small businesses. Many of them specialize in one additional aspect of CRM beyond sales, such as marketing automation or project management.

Among these products, those that are focused on the small business market segment (per the mix of reviews and ratings on TrustRadius) are WORK[etc] CRM (97%), GreenRope (92%), Workbooks (83%), Insightly (63%), SugarCRM (57%), and Sage CRM (53%).

Small Business CRM Software TrustMap