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Software Profile & Review Summary

SugarCRM offers a free, open-source version for developers called Community Edition, as well as a commercial edition with three pricing tiers. The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Cupertino, California.

Some of SugarCRM customers include Program Productions, Redglaze Group, TengoInternet, Hilco Global, and BancVue.

Company Status: Private
Customers: N/A
Employees (per LinkedIn): 415
Pricing: Free Community Edition; $40 to $150 per user per month
Best Fit For:
  • Small to medium companies with the ability or need to customize

SugarCRM Customer Distribution

SugarCRM Customer Distribution Pie Chart
Source: (47) User reviews and ratings of SugarCRM on TrustRadius

Aggregate User Ratings of SugarCRM on TrustRadius

Source: (29) User reviews of SugarCRM on TrustRadius
Rating Attribute SugarCRM # of Reviewers Contributing to Rating Average CRM Category Average
Likelihood to recommend 6.6 29 7.9
Likelihood to renew 6.4 22 8.3
Product usability 9.0 2 7.8
Product availability 10 1 9.7
Product performance 10 1 9.5
Support 8.0 3 7.8
Implementation satisfaction 9.5 2 7.3

Summary of SugarCRM Reviews

Source: (29) User reviews of SugarCRM on TrustRadius
SugarCRM Pros SugarCRM Cons
SugarCRM is robust and highly flexible. Users can create custom data fields and customize workflows according to their needs.
Bugs / speed
Some users report glitches or general “clunkiness,” as well as slow load and processing times.
Creating and editing custom reports is relatively easy.
Email campaigns
The email marketing functionalities could be improved. For example, the HTML email templates can be temperamental, and list management is not robust.
Email sync
Users can easily log emails through integration with Microsoft Outlook.
The search capability within the application could be improved. It can be difficult to find contacts or accounts without the exact punctuation and wording.

Detecting and merging duplicate entries is not easy.
Users are divided on the usability of SugarCRM. Many say the interface is intuitive and easy to learn and use. However, some say the UX could be improved (for example, certain actions require too many clicks), and the design of the interface is not attractive.

Tips from SugarCRM End-Users

“SugarCRM is flexible enough to adapt to the way you do business. I would focus on asking questions of all CRM providers about that. Just because the software is designed for the way developers think your sales team should work, doesn't mean it makes sense for how you actually do business.”
Sid Haas
Vice President of Business Development at LKCS
Jan. 2015
“The customization is a breeze no matter what industry you are in. As long as you have a workflow to start with, Sugar can easily fall in line. Do your research and make sure that the system has what you need for your business.”
Joelle DiBenedetto
CRM Administrator at The Mystic Reader
Dec. 2013
“When determining if Sugar is the right CRM system for your company I would determine if you would benefit from the customization opportunities or need something more out of the box. If you are planning on extensive customization then make sure you have the internal support of an administrator who can work with developers - third party or internal - to implement those pieces. I also recommend knowing the reports that your people will require to present and talk to Sugar about your needs. If you decide to implement SugarCRM explore the third party plugins and integrate what you can from the beginning.”
Jennifer Stewart
Marketing Manager & CRM Administrator at Lincoln Healthcare Group
Dec. 2013

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