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CivicPlus, PUBLIQ Software, EnerGov, FREY Municipal Software, GovPilot, CitizenOne by Portage and ADMINS Unified Community.

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FREY Municipal Software

FREY Municipal Software (FMS), headquartered in Fort Thomas, Kentucky, develops and refines applications to manage the core public sector functions associated with Budgetary Finance, Payroll and Public Utility Billing and administration. They aim to deliver a suite of "Perpetually…

Drivewyze Infrastructure Services

Drivewyze is a technology company and provider of infrastructure solutions, serving Departments of Transportation and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement agencies. Their Smart Roadside platform provides integrated roadside solutions to monitor, screen, and sort Commercial Motor Vehicles…

Raven by Flock Safety

Flock Safety's Raven detects gunshots, boasting 96% accuracy, alerting first responders to arrive on-scene before 911 is ever called. Flock Safety pulls nearby ALPR hits so officers can identify potential suspect vehicles in real-time.

Inmar Intelligence Government Solutions

Inmar Intelligence offers a suite of tool for EBT program administration, serving local governments.

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Decidim is a free and Open Source participatory democracy platform for cities and organizations. More than a digital platform, Decidim is a common's free and open project and infrastructure involving code, documentation, design, training courses, a legal framework, collaborative…

Social Pinpoint

Social Pinpoint provides a suite of digital tools to enhance community and stakeholder engagement. The software helps to inform decision-making, encourage diversity and inclusion, and eliminate participation barriers to drive better project outcomes.

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CityGrows, headquartered in Erie, Pennsylvania, makes workflow and transparency software for government employees, aiming to tear down the wall between citizens and government.

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ClearGov is a provider of Budget Cycle Management software headquartered in Maynard, Massachusetts. They focus on helping local governments and their department heads streamline the annual budgeting process by automating workflow, increasing collaboration, and centralizing data. ClearGov…

ShareNet, by Novo Solutions

Novo Solutions, headquartered in Virginia Beach, provides web and mobile information management software. Their ShareNet Cloud Platform can be used for Maintenance Management (including Facilities Maintenance, Equipment Maintenance, CMMS and Work Order Management), Customer Support,…

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CivicPlus offers civicgov, a solution for municipal governments' permitting, planning, licensing, code enforcement, and fire inspection software needs. The vendor states it is designed by former government employees to address greatest workflow and documentation challenges.

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Cloudpermit is a U.S.-based online software for community development, from the company of the same name in Reston, Virginia. Cloudpermit empowers local governments, development communities, and the public with online land management processes for planning, permitting, and code…

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CivicClerk is a software solution for municipal governments from CivicPlus, helps to streamline agenda management, as well as provide ancillary capabilities like allowing citizens to access public records, collaborate on packets and engage participants.

Eudonet CRM
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The eponymous CRM for municipal governments from Eudonet headquartered in Courbevoie, France. It is used to manage a political agenda, control representativeness and respect the protocol ranks, manage the secretariat of elected officials, track projects, and respond to citizen requests.…

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informe ta ville

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Le Parapheur
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Learn More About Municipal Software

What is Municipal Software?

Municipal Software is used by local government agencies to manage their municipal operations, oversee administrative tasks, and deliver government services.

The software automates a wide range of municipal activities including:

  • Permitting and licensing
    • Building, land use, and peddler permits
    • Filming, block party, garage sale, park, special event, and sidewalk use permits
    • Business, contractor, and animal licenses
    • Applications, approvals, denials, and renewal tracking
    • Fee collection
    • Inspection scheduling
    • Mobile supported inspections
  • Code Enforcement
    • Municipal code infraction tracking
    • Citizen complaints, mobile apps, and tracking
    • Inspection scheduling: building, health, etc.
    • Violation correction status monitoring
  • Utility Billing
    • Water, gas, electricity
    • Integration with meter reading software
    • Analytics for problem identification
    • Self-service customer portals for account status and payments
  • Work Order Management
    • Track requests, complaints, and inquiries
    • Infrastructure and equipment maintenance
    • Request tracking and routing
    • Prioritization, assignment, and status of tasks
    • Asset, materials, and service history
    • Mobile apps
  • Asset Tracking
    • Inventory, tracking type, location, value, and condition of equipment, tools, and machinery
    • Preventive maintenance scheduling
    • GPS location real-time asset tracking
  • Planning and Zoning
    • Applications, reviews, resubmittal
    • Milestone tracking
    • Public notifications and hearings
  • Property Information
    • Record and view municipal, business, and development activities related to location
    • GIS
  • Rental Housing
    • Licensing, inspection, and enforcement of rental property regulations
  • Parking Management
    • Permits
    • Ticketing
  • Tax, Fee, and Lien Collections
    • Collection and reconciliation
  • Accounting
    • Budgeting and financial reporting
    • Grant fund allocation and tracking
    • Revenue and expenditure reporting compliant with government accounting standards
  • Community Relations
    • Web portals and mobile apps
  • Birth, Marriage and Death Registry
    • Birth certificate, marriage license, and death certificate requests
    • Electronic records
  • Cemetery Management
    • Plot purchasing
    • Service and maintenance scheduling
  • Human Resources
    • Job postings
    • Applications
    • Injury reporting
    • Productivity Analytics

Municipal Software Features

Municipal Software has many of the following features.

  • Municipal data integrations
  • Self-service citizenry solutions
  • Web portals, mobile apps, and cloud-based services
  • eCommerce payment solutions for taxes, fees, and violations
  • Permitting and licensing management
  • Code enforcement
  • Utility billing
  • Request and work order management
  • Asset tracking
  • Planning and zoning
  • Parking Management
  • Tax, fee, and lien collections
  • Accounting, budgeting, and financial reporting
  • Community relations portals
  • Birth, marriage, and death registry
  • Cemetery management

Municipal Software Comparison

Use Case: Comprehensive software suites are available that support a full range of municipal activities and services, such as MyGov, CityView, and GovPilot. They offer the flexibility of selecting only those modules that meet your needs. Other municipal software vendors tailor solutions for specific tasks such as permitting (Cloudpermit), budgeting (ClearGov), or community policing (IT Simple).

Convenience: User-friendly mobile and web-based convenience are offered by most vendors when you select software that supports community relations and citizens complaints, utility billing, taxes, fees and violations payment processing, and work order management.

Pricing Information

Given the range of features and variety of municipal services that municipal software supports, municipalities will need to work with vendors to obtain a price quote for their needs. Monthly pricing can start at less than $100 and reach $2,000 a month or higher depending on the number and type of features supported and the scale of operations. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Municipal Software do?

Municipal Software automates the administration and management of municipal operations and facilitates the delivery of government services. The software streamlines the processing of everything from permits and licenses to tax and fee collection, from inspections and code violations to zoning and planning.

What are the benefits of using Municipal Software?

Municipal Software improves productivity and supports the efficient delivery of services resulting in more effective government. The software offers convenient access and support using websites and mobile apps, increasing constituent engagement, and contributing to a more satisfied citizenry.

How much does Municipal Software cost?

Obtaining a vendor price quote based on the municipality’s needs is recommended. Free trials are available.