Public Transportation Software


Public Transportation Software Overview

What is Public Transportation Software?

Public transportation software provides transit agencies with administrative support combined with fleet and passenger management. The software is similar to fleet management software for enterprises. However, public transportation software provide passenger oriented features. So rather than maintenance being central to public transit software suites, routes, maps and ticketing are primary, as well as communicating these to bus and shuttle riders. At present public transportation software is provided by specialized vendors who operate primarily or exclusively in the public transit vertical.

Features of Public Transportation Software

Public transportation software provides the following features:
  • Route planning and optimization
  • Passenger ticketing, mobile or online ticketing
  • Geolocation & fleet tracking
  • Bus / train / fleet maintenance & repair management
  • Business management features, revenue cycle management
  • Support for online or on-vehicle point-of-sale
  • Fleet efficiency: gas mileage, etc.
  • Incident management, fleet security management

Public Transportation Products

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Amadeus RAILyourWAY
Amadeus offfers RAILyourWAY, a public transit agency management system for railways providing reservations and ticketing, air-display, online booking, and other features.
TripMaster, from CTS Software in North Carolina, is a transportation management application platform providing automatic scheduling and reservation management, rider portal and ticketing, and other features.
Goal Systems headquartered in Madrid offers GoalDriver, a driver management application for transit agencies and systems.
Bestmile headquartered in San Francisco offers their eponymous transport management solution, supporting driverless taxis and fleets of autonomous vehicles or shuttles, and micro-transit services, among other transit providers.
Routematch headquartered in Atlanta offers their eponymous transit agency management platform providing demand management, pay management, route planning, and passenger apps, among other features.
Optibus headquartered in Tel-Aviv offers their integrated public transit software platform, providing route planning and optimization, rostering, scheduling, and other features for public transit agencies.
Ecolane DRT
Ecolane DRT is a demand response management software designed to support public transportation agencies, and similar shuttle and transport service providers.
RidePort is a public transportation management system for airport shuttle services, from MJM Innovations headquartered in Baltimore.
Trapeze ViewPoint
The Canadian Trapeze Group offers the VIewPoint demand planning and business intelligence (BI) application designed to supporting busing and transit systems for optimal route, passenger volume, and demand management planning.
Trapeze Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
The Trapeze Group in Canada offers the Trapeze Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), a route and vehicle information management system for coordinating activities of public transit agencies.
GIRO headquartered in Montreal offers the HASTUS public transportation management system, supporting bus, subway, tram systems, and other public transit systems.
Transfinder headquartered in Schenectady offers Servicefinder to sizable school districts, a fleet management solution for managing resource allocation and maintenance of large bus fleets.
Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
The Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, from the Canadian company Trapeze Group is designed to support busing and transit operations in tracking and maintaining its vehicles and service stations.
Transfinder headquartered in Schenectady offers the Cityfinder mobile tourism app to city transit agencies providing tourism and trolly transportation systems.
Trapeze FX with Blockbuster
Canadian company Trapeze Software offers Trapeze FX with Blockbuster, a software application supporting routing, scheduling, blocking, runcutting and rostering, and other features supporting the scheduling department of public transit organizations.
Routefinder Pro
Transfinder headquartered in Schenectady offers Routefinder Pro, a bus transit management system oriented around the needs of schools and their student bus riders.
MJM Innovations headquartered in Baltimore offers EZTransport, a transportation management system for public transit agencies, bus, taxis, and paratransit.
Trapeze Traveler Information (TI)
Canadian company Trapeze Software offers Trapeze Traveler Information (TI), a software system for providing bus and shuttle passengers information about routes, pick-up/drop-off times, and customer service related information.
MJM Innovations headquartered in Baltimore offers EZTransit, a CMS for public transportation agencies or related passenger services for online bookings, routing information, or marketing.
Justride Ticketing Platform
Masabi, a multinational company headquartered in London, offers the Justride Ticketing Platform, a public transportation application supporting fare collection and management.
PTV Visum
The German PTV Group offers PTV Visum, an analytics platform supporting public transit entities with route planning.
Goal Systems headquartered in Madrid offers GoalBus, a public transportation management software system specifically for bus systems.
Conduent Seamless Transportation System
Conduent Seamless Transportation System provides a mobile app and mobile ticketing and payment system for public transportation.
Trapeze EZFare
The Canadian company Trapeze Software offers EZFare (or EZ Fare), a public transportation software application providing a means of offering tickets and collecting fares on vehicles, via a mobile app or web, or through shops and bus stations.
Remix, from the company of the same name in San Francisco, is a public transportation management software solution oriented around the needs of cities providing public transit.