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Conduent Seamless Transportation System, HASTUS Software, from GIRO, PTV Visum and AddTransit.

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TeleDriver, from Enghouse, offers precise timekeeping and management of operator work assignments, from anywhere, as well as tools for managing a driver workforce, with modules for Driver Management, Work Picking, Daily Dispatch, Timekeeping, and Performance Management.

AllRide Apps

AllRide Apps provides transport and delivery management software to help businesses improve their operations with automation and AI-based predictive analysis and forecasting. AllRide's transport solutions come with online booking, real-time fleet and driver tracking, route optimization,…

Commuter Benefits by Edenred

Commuter Benefits is a suite of products from Edenred, used to help solve today’s commuting challenges for employees. With traditional options like public transit, Lyft shared rides, and parking, their solutions include mobility solutions like bike share, e-scooter rental and single…

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Drivewyze Infrastructure Services

Drivewyze is a technology company and provider of infrastructure solutions, serving Departments of Transportation and Commercial Vehicle Enforcement agencies. Their Smart Roadside platform provides integrated roadside solutions to monitor, screen, and sort Commercial Motor Vehicles…

Compcare Services

Compcare Services in Long Beach provides comprehensive cloud-based TMS solutions to the trucking and logistics community.

Remix Transportation Platform, from Via

Remix is a public transportation software that enables urbanists and planners to create transit routes. Remix was acquired and now is supported by Via Transportation since the March, 2021 acquisition.

Trapeze Workforce & Operations Management

The Workforce & Operations Management application from the Canadian company Trapeze Group is deisgned to support rail and bus operations, companies, and city services.

Routefinder Pro

Transfinder headquartered in Schenectady offers Routefinder Pro, a bus transit management system oriented around the needs of schools and their student bus riders.

Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

The Trapeze Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) solution, from the Canadian company Trapeze Group is designed to support busing and transit operations in tracking and maintaining its vehicles and service stations.

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Goal Systems headquartered in Madrid offers GoalDriver, a driver management application for transit agencies and systems.

Ecolane DRT
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Ecolane DRT is a demand response management software designed to support public transportation agencies, and similar shuttle and transport service providers.

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RidePort is a public transportation management system for airport shuttle services, from MJM Innovations headquartered in Baltimore.

Trapeze FX with Blockbuster

Canadian company Trapeze Software offers Trapeze FX with Blockbuster, a software application supporting routing, scheduling, blocking, runcutting and rostering, and other features supporting the scheduling department of public transit organizations.

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MJM Innovations headquartered in Baltimore offers EZTransit, a CMS for public transportation agencies or related passenger services for online bookings, routing information, or marketing.

Justride Ticketing Platform
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Masabi, a multinational company headquartered in London, offers the Justride Ticketing Platform, a public transportation application supporting fare collection and management.

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MJM Innovations headquartered in Baltimore offers EZTransport, a transportation management system for public transit agencies, bus, taxis, and paratransit.

Trapeze Traveler Information (TI)

Canadian company Trapeze Software offers Trapeze Traveler Information (TI), a software system for providing bus and shuttle passengers information about routes, pick-up/drop-off times, and customer service related information.

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Goal Systems headquartered in Madrid offers GoalRail, a transportation management system designed to meet the needs of rail transit systems.

Trapeze EZFare

The Canadian company Trapeze Software offers EZFare (or EZ Fare), a public transportation software application providing a means of offering tickets and collecting fares on vehicles, via a mobile app or web, or through shops and bus stations.

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Liftango, headquartered in Newcastle West, offers technology designed to power convenient, efficient and sustainable, shared transport. Liftango's platform supports public transportation entities with features like contact tracing and seat reservation technology, and corporate entities…

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SmartBus, from Indian company Uffizio, is a school bus tracking & management software that provides real-time visibility of students during transit. SmartBus generates trips, lets the user see how long the bus spends at each stop, notifies delays, and records attendance.

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Modeshift, Inc. is a Boston-based technology company with a mission to enable small and middle size transit agencies to provide intelligent transportation services. Their core product is Account-based Fare Collection hosted on the Microsoft Azure cloud and delivered as a service…

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Ratality is a Business Solutions Company specializing in cloud-based solutions for the bus, coach, charter, hotel and vehicle rental industries, headquartered in Stellenbosch, Western Cape. Ratality's product range includes Rate & Revenue Manager, Loyalty & Rewards Manager, Reservations…

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Transfinder headquartered in Schenectady offers the Cityfinder mobile tourism app to city transit agencies providing tourism and trolly transportation systems.

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Learn More About Public Transportation Software

What is Public Transportation Software?

Public Transportation Software manages operations and public transit infrastructure. The software manages timetables and ticketing. It also provides customer web portals and mobile apps for transit schedule information, ticket purchases, and electronic ticketing. Geolocation tracking keeps transit administrators and riders updated on the real-time status of scheduled trains and buses.

The software can assign drivers, plan routes, and manage fleet maintenance. It helps oversee passenger safety and security and supports ADA-compliant access for riders with disabilities with on-demand dispatch. Customer communication features permit customer feedback on service quality. Driver mobile apps accept fares electronically, capture trip data, and support driver routing and scheduling.

The software captures metrics concerning route and rider traffic, along with operational and maintenance costs. Public transportation software provides analytics and simulations regarding passengers to support more efficient resource utilization and better planning.

Some vendors include back-office functions that cover administrative tasks, accounting, and asset management. A few offer transit consulting services for reviewing transit operations, planning, and transitioning from legacy systems.

Public Transportation Software is commonly deployed as a hosted service and overlaps with MaaS (Mobility-as-a-Service) which supports commuters in planning and purchasing daily travel across all public and private transportation options in a city, bus, train, tram, subway, bikes, scooters, taxis, and car services. In the future, expect 5G, IoT, and edge computing features to be increasingly adopted to support public transportation software, providing increased efficiency, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness.

Public Transportation Software Features

Public Transportation Software will have many of the following features.

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Scheduling (driver and equipment)
  • Ticketing (mobile, web, phone)
  • Real-time transportation status, geolocation, and fleet tracking
  • Driver management (routes and schedules)
  • Fleet maintenance
  • On-demand and paratransit dispatch management
  • Customer mobile apps and self-service web portals for schedules, reservations, ticket purchases, real-time transport status, account updates, and service reviews
  • Driver mobile apps for ticket scanning, trip data, routing, scheduling, defect, and incident logging
  • Detour management
  • Dashboard for transit status
  • Customer profiles and preferences, discounts, payment options, and refunds
  • Metrics on riders, equipment, destinations, mileage, on-time performance, revenue, operational and maintenance costs, passenger, and equipment history
  • Analytics
  • Safety and security compliance
  • White label
  • POS integration
  • SaaS, web, and mobile apps

Public Transportation Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing Public Transportation Software.

Use Case: Some products like Moovit focus on the customer transit experience, on-demand transport, and real-time mobility analytics for cities. EzTransport supports small and mid-sized municipalities. Others like Ratality focus on bus transportation.

Forecasting and Planning: Tools are available such as TransCAD that specialize in modeling transportation networks and travel demand to forecast traffic, help plan public transportation services, and develop transit strategies and solutions.

Convenience and Efficiency: For customer convenience and driver efficiency look for software that offers mobility app solutions such as Ecolane or Moovit.

Pricing Information

Depending on your public transportation infrastructure, requirements, and goals vendors will provide a custom price quote. Free trials are available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Public Transportation Software do?

Public Transportation Software manages transit operations and supports passenger services. It helps with route planning and scheduling, driver, and equipment management. It provides mobile and web-based apps for up-to-date schedules, transportation status, ticket purchases, and electronic ticketing.

What are the benefits of using Public Transportation Software?

Public transportation software’s metric and analytics contributes to efficient use of resources, reducing costs, traffic congestion, and environmental impacts. The intelligence it provides contributes to informed decision making resulting in better planning, scheduling, and routing. Its mobility features offer customer convenience and an improved user experience, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction, resulting in increased transportation utilization and revenue.

What are the best Public Transportation Software products?

These are some of the popular Public Transportation Software products.

How much does Public Transportation Software cost?

It is usually necessary to obtain a vendor price quote for their public transportation solutions. Free trials are available.