PR Newswire Pricing Overview

PR Newswire has 10 pricing edition(s), from $199 to $1,649. A free trial of PR Newswire is also available. Look at different pricing editions below and read more information about the product here to see which one is right for you.

Newswire Digital


per release

Newswire Digital Plus


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Newswire State


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Newswire Canada


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Newswire UK


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Newswire Asia


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Newswire National


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Newswire Financial


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Newswire Latin America


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Newswire Global


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What TrustRadius Research Says

Cision PR Newswire Pricing 2022

If you control the media, you control your image. We’re not talking about apocalyptic dictatorships, but rather finding the best medium to send your message to the right people. Public relations and press release platforms offer this kind of tailored delivery system.

PR Newswire is a press release distributor that guarantees fast and powerful visibility with their resources and publishing platforms. You can get your statement in matching circles and audiences nationally and globally.

What is PR Newswire

PR Newswire used to be a company that offered distribution services for the press releases of enterprises and editorial companies that write them. Now they are still a content distribution network, but they are not their own company. They were acquired by their competitor Cision for over 800 million in 2015.

Cision as a company does not have pricing for their products, but PR Newswire operates more independently. PR Newswire is considered its own separate entity. They still have their website and a pricing guide PDF of all their itemized costs, but now they wave the Cision logo on their website.

One major benefit is the merger extended PR Newswire's international distribution to 170 countries and in 40 different languages. This is thanks to Cision’s offices in North America, Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

If you’re worried about PR Newswire’s service having changed since you last used it, or if you’re just curious, you can see Cision’s FAQs page for more information about the merger.

Who Uses PR Newswire?

You would use PR Newswire if you need a press release distribution service for your brand image. Public relations companies that draft press releases or eReleases also use PR Newswire to reach their target audience.

PR Newswire has a wide range of media outlets. Online, they have a global network of about 10,000 websites, web portals, and databases. Many of the sources they publish include Yahoo! Finance, and MarketWatch. They distribute your multimedia to over 2,000 websites, and post your content on popular social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn.

Part of their core value offer is their online syndication network with major newsrooms like the New York Times, and their ability to control organic traffic on search engines and boost your search engine optimization (SEO). They can help you target specific influencers such as journalists or bloggers. They can also target industry-specific news outlets like tech and health care.

Posting to their own platform can increase your visibility as well because of their strong traffic from journalists. PR Newswire for journalists is a major news and media database where journalists can become members and get fast access to news releases and industry updates of their interest. This allows you to deliver your content directly to important media contacts.

If you do choose this service, you will be able to access the metrics of your media coverage with generated visibility reports of your publications. That way you can make informed decisions for future outreach campaigns and marketing efforts. This kind of insight would be valuable for small businesses looking to grow and increase brand awareness.

Should You Use PR Newswire?

PR Newswire is right for small companies that want expedited visibility and national distribution with major news outlets. It’s especially great for showing off fundraising accomplishments and new product designs. Tech, health, and finance startups will appreciate top market action with relevant industries.

If your company also has global offices, PR Newswire’s global presence can be a great way to increase reach in those regions. If your budget is small or your demographic is especially local, this wouldn’t be the service for you. Only companies that need to cast a wide net would really benefit from this media distribution service.

PR newswire Pricing

PR Newswire has very detailed pricing. It’s dependent on multiple factors, including word count, the type of media attached, and the destination of your publication. PR Newswire's pricing guide from 2017 after the acquisition offers very straightforward itemized costs for content, media content, locations, and services.

PR newswire does not offer more current upfront pricing, but this guide can help with giving you a good ballpark estimate. Other pricing sites have noted similar PR Newswire costs as well. The guide does not offer the annual fee for membership which has been reported to be about $200. There will also be a processing fee of an undisclosed amount for transactions.

PR Newswire

Press Release Prices

National Release:

$805 for 400 words, $245 each additional 100 words.

National Social Media: $880 for 400 words, $245 each additional 100 words.

National Industry Circuit: $805 for 400 words, $245 each additional 100 words.

Image, Video, Audio: $325

AP Photo Express: $170

Image Archive: $170

PDF: $125

Logos: $495

Additional Multimedia: $299

The table above simply depicts general and popular costs taken from their pricing list for 2017. If you have more special uses in mind like media blasts and global campaigns, you can find their 8 page long pricing list for more information here.

They offer media bundles from $1,950 to $19,950, including costs for multicultural markets as well as specific regions. Although they do not advertise this on their site, PR Newswire does distribute to countries in the Pan-Africa region.

H2 Alternatives

Cision Communications Cloud is one of the Top Rated software on TrustRadius. They are a TRUE certified vendor as well, which means they make the active efforts to source unbiased reviews of their services.

They present themselves as a platform that offers media monitoring, outreach, and customer relationship management (CRM) services for PR distribution professionals. You can use them for media campaigns as well as simple press releases.

Communications Cloud is more complex than PR Newswire. They promise in-depth analysis and research for competitors, your company, and relevant data. If your company is on the larger side, this service can provide you with important insight for fast expansion and media control.

Communications Cloud unfortunately does not have upfront pricing. You will find reviews may not name the price but will give helpful insight. Many find that the cons to this service include the price, user interface, and functionality options.

In comparison to PR Newswire, they are both incredibly close, which in part is because they have access to the same resources. Communication Cloud has sourced more reviews and has stronger overall satisfaction ratings. PR Newswire has more transparency in pricing with their itemized costs, while Communication Cloud appears to have less affordable costs.

If your business is a startup or on a smaller scale, PR Newswire would be a better place to start and control your budget based on individual needs. Communication Cloud is better for constant communication and reporting endeavors.

If you want more details with user-provided input, see the comparison between the two services here.

More Resources

If you want to find more information or alternative products, we offer a great list of public relations platforms. There you will find reviews from people that used the services and insight into their overall satisfaction.

For those that have used any of the platforms discussed here please leave a review to help other buyers make informed decisions.