Press Release Management Software


Press Release Management Software Overview

What is Press Release Management Software?

Press release management software publishes and distributes press releases to news organizations, journalists, influencers, and bloggers across newswires, websites, media outlets, and news content systems.

Press release management software is used by public relations (PR) agencies and in-house public relations teams to distribute company announcements to secure media coverage on television, radio, and podcasts and in newspapers, magazines, and blogs.

Press release management software products can target traditional news wires, which have a wide reach or support the creation of a branded online newsroom designed to target specific members of the media. Tools support targeting by media, industry, topic, culture, demographics, and location.

This software provides metrics on press release performance, which news outlets picked it up, and the number of their viewers. This information is used by marketing teams to measure the impact that press releases have on their campaigns.

Press Release Management Software Features

Common features across press release management products include:

  • Press Release Creation, Editing, and Uploading
  • Press Release SEO Optimization
  • Press Release Multimedia Support
  • Distribution through Traditional News Wires, Public Relations News Wires, or Public Relations Outreach
  • Branded Online Newsrooms
  • Media Contact Database
  • Targeting by Media, Industry, Topic, Culture, Demographics, or Location
  • Social Media Integration
  • Analytics and Reporting, Visibility and Audience Engagement Metrics
  • Multi-Language and Global Distribution Capabilities

Press Release Management Software Comparison

Consider the following when purchasing press release management software.

  • Approach: Press release management software can take two approaches, newswire, and public relations outreach. The newswire approach is divided into traditional news agency wire services and public relations newswire subscriber services. Public relations outreach supports the creation of digital newsrooms with the ability to target specific members of the media. PR campaigns are usually most successful when they employ both approaches to press release distribution.
  • Effectiveness: The software does not provide the intelligence to write a successful press release or help identify your target audience. To maximize the value of press release software, ensure your press release meets your standards for engagement and that you have identified your target audience.
  • Distribution Range: When paying by press release, your press release may only need to target a narrow range of media or a limited geographical area. Only pay for the service you require.

Pricing Information

Press release management software utilizing wire services has costs that are driven by the number of press releases, their size, and the distribution range. Entry-level pricing per press release ranges from $50 to $400.

PR outreach software usually licenses their products by the month. Entry-level monthly charges range from $40 to $200 a month. Quotes are required for enterprise-level software. Free trials are available.

Press Release Management Products

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Cision PRWeb

Cision PRWeb aims to impact customer behavior by providing efficient communication tools to continuously engage with target audiences across multiple online channels including search, social media and with industry-specific partner websites, bloggers and influencers.

Business Wire

Business Wire's public relations press release distribution platform includes the company's NewsTrak audience analytics and media monitoring reports.

PRUnderground is a media distribution tool for public relations, from the company of the same name headquartered in New York.


Prezly is presented by the vendor as all-in-one public relations management tool that helps PR teams organise their workflow, collaborate and save time.Accessible through any browser, Prezly's key features are divided between three main areas:Contact managementFull PR CRM for managing…


A media relations platform that aims to combine easy to use tools with exceptional analysis. The Response Desk provides a centralized set of tools for managing conversations and building lasting relationships. Keep track of who said what to whom so the entire team is coordinated…


Newswire is a press release distribution platform that helps clients increase their online visibility and web presence. Boasting over a decade of experience, Newswire provides premier syndication to leading news outlets. The solution aims to empower clients with a variety of solutions…


The company deals in the online distribution and syndication of press releases.


PressPage provides the tools to manage online newsrooms, news distribution and media databases.


PRWeb helps companies/organizations create stories, share them and then measures their performance.

Linking News

Linking News is an online press release distribution service that publishes press release published on major news outlets without the label of a third-party company.


Prowly is an all-in-one platform for people looking to simplify their PR workflow and do powerful communication: find relevant journalistscreate visual press releasessend targeted PR pitchesand keep it all in a journalist-friendly online newsroom.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Press Release Management Software do?

Press release management software supports the creation, publication, and distribution of press releases to secure media coverage. Public relations teams use the software to target specific media, individuals, industries, topics, demographics, and locations.

What are the benefits of using Press Release Management Software?

Benefits of using press release management software include:

  • Generates media coverage
  • Builds brand awareness
  • Acquires new audiences
  • Boosts search rankings
  • Improves media relations

How much does Press Release Management Software cost?

Entry-level pricing per press release ranges from $50 to $400. Entry-level outreach PR press release software ranges from $40 to $200 a month. Quotes are required for enterprise-level software. Free trials are available.