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April 13, 2021

Human Resources Innovation

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Overall Satisfaction with Adobe PhotoShop

Adobe Photoshop is being used for our company's "Employee of the Month Program". It is only being used by the Human Resource Department and not across the whole organization. We are able to crop out unwanted background images and have a standardized background color for everyone. We have a display of all 12 months and the Employee of the year on a 3' by 4' cork board with individual frames.
  • You can layer one background on another which gives a cool effect of not being one solid color.
  • You can pick from a spectrum of different colors for [your] background or foreground.
  • If you take a picture in Portrait mode with your camera you can flip it to landscape within the program or vise versa.
  • There are a lot of different functions you can do with a picture. I don't know half of them. It seems like they could improve on explaining which each tool can do better. It tells you what the tool is when you put the mouse over it, but not how to use it. So, I have to explore a lot of times and play around with it to determine if it is something I want to use or not.
  • I use the Quick Selection Tool a lot and a lot of times it is very hard to get into small areas to select. It wants to expand into areas that I do not want to expand and I have to keep trying until I get it right.
  • It would be great if the different favorite tools used that go vertical down the left side of the screen that [there] could be a quick Youtube or something demonstrating how the tools are each used which may save time from having to play around with it or even looking it up in the help.
  • That I can standardize the background color from picture to picture so I have uniformity.
  • The Layering feature.
  • Being able to pick the image size of the picture. For our employee of the month, pictures are framed [to] fit a 4 x 6 picture on our main display. We also do 8 x 10 depending [on] if it is a location outside of our main display board we have bigger frames to do.
  • We have been using the program since the beginning of 2018 since we started the program. I guess I would say it has had a positive impact [on] the purpose we are using it for.
  • The negative impact may be that more of our employees or departments I should say don't use it. We have 220 employees and only about two employees use it. But we are in the health field and I don't believe other departments would have a need to use it.
  • It wasn't that costly of a program and we will continue to use it with our employee of the month appreciation program so our ROI will be greater each year or month you could say that we use it.
No other Adobe or photo products used. This was a suggestion from an employee from our IT Department. His wife apparently uses it at home as a hobby and loves it. We decided to give it a try. We have had no real training in the program other than learning and picking up things as we go.

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A scenario for why you would want to use Adobe Photoshop would be if you were very proficient in using the program and it functions you can crop a very nice picture to the size and shape and background color that you desire without the hassle of having to take your picture to like an Office Depot to print out. If you have some nice gloss paper and a good printer it will save you time and money.

On the other hand, if you are less proficient in using Adobe Photoshop it can be aggravating as there [have] been times I have played around with a picture for a couple of hours and still did not have the desired results I was looking for. So, I think it comes down to how proficient the user is in using this program. In my opinion, it is rather sophisticated to use.