Alteryx Gallery - An excellent place for solution sharing
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April 11, 2016

Alteryx Gallery - An excellent place for solution sharing

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Overall Satisfaction with Alteryx Analytics Gallery

The Gallery serves as a a research tool to help push the use cases of Alteryx. Many different users are willing to share their work in the form of workflows to aid and assist other users try out new ideas to solve business solutions. It's a great way to share ideas but also get to know the users themselves.
  • Allows users to implement new ideas and workflows
  • Allows users to share solutions to business problems
  • Aides in knowledge transfer and thought leadership
  • Due to the popularity of the Gallery, finding the exact solution to a problem may be difficult if the solution [isn't] titled correctly.
The Gallery, dependent on the either Alteryx Designer or Server can connect to a large number of data sources.
The Gallery excels at sharing capabilities.
Alteryx Analytics Gallery is perhaps less suited if you need an immediate answer to a problem. Each use case requires some understanding of the workflow to implement.