Amazon's opensource relational database service
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February 08, 2019

Amazon's opensource relational database service

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Overall Satisfaction with Amazon Aurora

Amazon Aurora is a relational database as a service which supports MySQL and Postgres DBs on AWS.
My organization uses a lot of serverless features on AWS for developing microservices. In this regard, we use AWS Lambda for microservices and Amazon Aurora for a relational database.

This is a lightweight maintenance-less option of providing microservices without having to maintain the infrastructure including AMI rehydrations on AWS.
  • Aurora is a relational database as a service on AWS which is MySQL and Postgres compatible. So if you are looking for a serverless option which going through need to host and manage a database then Aurora as a service is great.
  • It is a simple and cost-effective open source database which is much cheaper than a normal database cost. Hence very efficient for microservices database where you do not need one very large centralized database but many small databases that are available and low latency.
  • Aurora provides high performance and low latency. Last year they also announced multi-master in the same region and read replicas in multiple regions. This is very convenient if you are trying to design and build a highly reliable application.
  • Just like AWS DynamoDB which is a not a SQL solution and is truly a global DB, it would be great if AWS Aurora can become a global DB. What that means is that it is multi-region multi-master. That way writes to different regions of AWS would all be in sync and available in replicas on different regions.
  • The costs of Aurora is 5x and 3x less than RDS MySQL and Postgres on AWS. Hence tremendous cost savings.
  • Bring up your database in a matter of minutes. This is very crucial for quick solutions on the cloud.
  • Best suited for serverless backend solutions for microservices.
  • Highly secure for banking applications with AWS KMS.
Amazon Aurora is the open source AWS managed relational database service that is lesser in cost than AWS RDS.
Both Postgres and MySQL are supported. Hence this is a cheaper and highly reliable service offered by AWS.
If you are building applications on AWS then this should cater to all your needs for a relational database.
Many places where Aurora is well suited:

  • If you are trying to build a serverless backend.
  • Amazon hosted relational database service (RDS). So we do not have to manage the database maintenance.
  • Backup and archival can be done to AWS S3, which is very convenient.
  • It provides high performance and scalability.
  • It's very secure. You could use AWS Key management service (KMS) to encrypt and store data on AWS Aurora.