On-prem DW to Redshift

Overall Satisfaction with Amazon Redshift

Amazon Redshift is being used by several of our clients for analysis of large datasets. In most cases, it is used at a department level, in conjunction with other on-prem and in the cloud data solutions, including data warehouses and relational databases.
  • Very fast, parallelized data loading from S3
  • Full ANSI SQL support
  • Highly scalable
  • Columnar storage
  • Does not scale automatically. Need to be scaled up/down manually by adding/removing nodes
  • Does not have support for row level access control
  • Charged based on provisioned capacity - not based on usage
  • Our clients have achieved great ROI by migrating all or parts of their data from expensive data warehouse hardware solutions to Redshift.
  • Some clients are seeing increasing costs of Redshift, as they are being charged for provisioned capacity, and are looking at alternative solutions which provide pay per use options.
At the time of evaluation, BigQuery didn't have full SQL support. SQL support has since been added, but I'm not sure if it supports full ANSI SQL.
Redshift is well suited as an alternative to on-prem data warehouses. AWS Data Migration Services can be used to migrate data from various relational databases into Redshift.