Blogger (BlogSpot) Great tool building clientele, networking with others, AdSense provides opportunity for making more money.
March 01, 2014

Blogger (BlogSpot) Great tool building clientele, networking with others, AdSense provides opportunity for making more money.

Karrie Reno | TrustRadius Reviewer
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No version (web blogging)

Modules Used

  • Blogger, and AdSense

Overall Satisfaction

I use Blogger for several blog sites I've created. I've written a poetry blog, a computer support blog, a vent your frustrations blog and building a few more. I've enjoyed working with BlogSpot and using it both professionally and personally. I am building a BlogSpot for computer users who have no solid resources to fix their own computers and have to pay so much money to get simple issues resolved.
  • I have great preset templates to utilize and build a clean, appealing Blog page. I can also build using HTML or other tools to build an appealing blog page.
  • I have ads on my BlogSpot pages and whenever someone clicks on those ads AdSense will pay me so much per click and transfer those funds into my bank account when it reaches a certain amount. You can pick what "type" of ads appear on your pages.
  • I can build up the search engine of my BlogSpot pages and name my own URL to those pages.
  • I would like more templates
  • I also want to be able to reach Technical Support for Google BlogSpot
  • Provided more interest in my expertise
  • Build up of clients
  • Possible lead to small business support opportunities.
  • none
I don't bother looking for BlogSpot's competition if I'm happy where I'm at why look elsewhere? I've built other webpages using other websites quite a while ago and I've found BlogSpot, Blogger to be the best so far.
I love the additional income and how great my blogs have turned out. It's given me ideas for others to build their blogs and has attained new clients for me. I make money using AdSense, how little or how much I want to make is up to me promoting my Blog.
It's probably a good idea to put on paper what you want your Blogs to look like. (1) Information (2) Audience (3) Search info (4) An Idea of what you want the blog to look like. (5) What the blog is going to be about, do you want to allow comments. (6) Do you want others to be able to contact you?

Product Usage

1 - Tools for customers to self support, and come back to me if they need assistance further.
1 - Know how to use a computer, how to get around webpages, an average computer user can build a page with Blogger.
  • I've had anyone from colleagues, family and customers utilize my tools and come to me for more support because I created a page for them to help themselves.
  • It promotes ME and therefore brings in more opportunity to myself.
  • I can make money Blogging.
  • I didn't realize I could promote my Blog and have learned I can which in turns provides more clicks to Ads and use of my tools on my Blog.
  • You can ad links into your Blogger page and be able to connect it to other links, and have feedback from customers.


Have a plan written out for yourself, you can always make changes as you go. It's more difficult to build a Blog if one doesn't even know what the Blog is going to be about. It's best to plan what your Blog is going to be about and what your audience is going to be and what you want to accomplish before you start building.
Yes - You can use templates, change fonts, colors, and the look of your page either by assistance from BlogSpot tools or using code for webpages. the look of your page is totally up to you. Easy self explanatory Blog building. There are a lot of templates to choose from or you can build from scratch.
Not sure - I am an independent consultant so I didn't have an organization to worry about.
  • I got a code error when I built my Blogs recently received a code error on my page, difficult to reach support for Bloggers.


Easy Blog page building, Great opportunities to make money from AdSense, Mobile capabilities for viewing and posting. Easy interface for even those who aren't as familiar with blogging.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Building your Blog page is very easy. I can review my Blog and if I don't like it don't save the changes.
  • Adding Ads to your Blog is easy, and you can choose not to use Ads if you don't choose to.
  • Correcting words spelled wrong, and updating your page is easy.
  • the change from review of your page to the edit page.
Yes - I don't use the mobile interface but I can build my page, and have a Blog for a browser and also have a page for mobile reading of the Blog. I have read up on how easy it is to post blogs from a mobile device: post to your blog, simply send MMS, SMS, or Email messages to You can stop postings by texting the word STOP to Blogger. How easy it that? Once I switch the model of my Cell phone I am going to use the mobile device. It's easy to find instructions of how to use it.